Saying Goodbye to Freshman Year…

Dear reader,

That’s it. Freshman year is over 🙂 It was one heck of a roller coaster ride let me tell ya. I did pretty good on my finals and my roommate’s version of saying goodbye was, “make sure you clean the bathroom floor and vacuum our room!” Thank goodness I don’t have to suffer that abuse anymore…

I feel like God wants me and Prince Player to be together. Whether it’s as friends or more, he wants us to have some kind of positive relationship. After getting teased by his “Oh sure, I’ll find time to hang out before we leave texts”, and not getting a text back, I decided to accept the fact that I won’t even get to say goodbye to him and will have to wait yet another 2 and a half months to see him again.

But. Thursday. My last day. After I finished moving out my stuff, I said goodbye to my suite-mates and slumped down to my bedroom floor. This was it. Freshman year was over and I was going to miss them as well as my other friends I met this year. And the number one person I wanted to say goodbye to the most, I had to go the whole summer without seeing him. My heart ached, I needed coffee.

tumblr_mb4gf5bn1G1ruxwp2o1_500So I grabbed my purse and walked to the cafe in the student center. No make-up, no perfume, hair all out of place, eyes red. And who do I see? Yes. Prince Player. Why do I always bump into him when I look like hell? At that point however, I didn’t care. It was the real me, and what better day to show him the absolutely real me than the last day. Usually, I’d quickly wave and walk away. But I had to go and do what I really wanted to do, I had to. I don’t leave places without being on good terms with someone.

I think he knew what I had in mind. Because as I started walking to him, he stood up. I hugged him, buried my face into his chest, and whispered “Bye”. He held me for that one second as we separated, “You’re leaving” he said. I nodded. He looks deeply into my eyes and says, “We didn’t get to hang out.” Who’s problem is that? I wanted to ask…but I just bit my tongue. And I shrugged. He looks at the floor, “Yea I’m leaving today too.” I nodded again, I wanted to say have a good summer, but he beat me to it. And I smiled and said “you too”. I turned my head and walked away before he could see my true feelings. I felt him do the same. When we hugged, all of our memories played like a flashback in my mind. There he was, my first college fling and heartbreak. No matter how many mornings I felt like hell because of him, I remembered those days he made me feel like a princess and made me believe. As much as I hate him, I know he’s a sweetheart and there is someone out there for both of us. (Clearly he knows there is someone else for him :p) Whatever. Maybe next year he’ll make time so we could at least be friends.

xoxo. S.


The “Big O”, pen stealers, new quarter, and other weekly musings!

Oh reader,

I don’t even know where to BEGIN! What in the name is “syllabus week” when you’re a science major? I started a new quarter this week, and I already have papers and presentations to in a few days! #help

So it all started out on Monday. Monday was actually good, I went for a little walk and bumped into a great friend of mine. After hugs and spring break musings, I told her about my hair dying fail   (read The Problem With Having Dark Hair) and do you know what she said? “STOP you have BEAUTIFUL hair. Why would you ever dye it???” Aww. And just as I was walking away, a second later, this guy (my next door neighbor actually) literally bumped into me and said “Hey! How are you?” And after a moment, totally not in the zone yet,  I said “Hi! Um…good!” And do you know what he said??? “It’s really great to see you!” and kept walking. OMG. Really?? People are glad to see me? It must have been my new adorable auburn hair that was actually showing up in that sun 😉

He’s only a friend I swear. Those nights that I’d be outside my dorm room and study on those little study tables at 3 am, and he would come home late at that time, we would chat. Every day it would be the same thing- my hair in a bun, no make up, just making flashcards furiously. Him with his headphones all happy and walking into the comfort of his dorm. With a look at me he would shake his head and say “still studying huh?” And my reply? “Yup! See you in the morning!” A.k.a- When you wake up to go to your morning class, I’ll still be up!

Giggles. But that’s changed for this quarter, reader! I’ve started a system of going straight to the library after class, and going to bed at 10. And waking up at 7 🙂 I think it’s working out…It’s better than staying up until 6 in the morning, and not sleeping at all!

And then there was Tuesday. Dear god Tuesday was awful. It was the start of my Sociology class. On the first day of class, my professor talks about suicide and has us do homework on it. Really? Considering what I was trying to grieve through the day before (read Inspiration Category)? Yea that was tough. Then this guy walks in late, and has the courtesy to cause a disruptance with getting himself settled and claiming the empty seat next to me. Then he has the decency to ask me to borrow a pen! You know, I’m not the type of person to judge late people (because you know us sassy girls are always fashionably late to everything ;), but you would think on the first day of class he would have something to write with. And I’m trying to take notes and listen to this teacher, while having to try and find a pen for this fool. At the end of class, I thought he’d give it back. But next thing you know I see him walking out….with the pen in his mouth! Yea no thanks.

The week went by slowly. Yesterday, after seeing all this stress I went through this week, my suite-mate decided to take me out to dinner. I didn’t really feel like having dinner… I was craving something sweet, *don’t judge I’m hormonal you know :p*. So I asked our waiter for the desert menu! And before this cute waiter even hands me the desert menu, guess what he asks?

“Mam, would you like to try the Big O?”

*Giggles*. I look at my suite-mate and all our girlfriends and smile, “I beg your pardon?”

He finally gives me the menu, and explains enthusiastically, “The Cheesecake, our Big O, it’s amazing really! It’s like nothing you’ve ever had before!”

I raise an eye-brow at him, “Oh really now?” 😉

Before I can tell him about my “Big-O”…. my suite-mate grabs the menu from me and says, “You know what, I think she will actually have dinner first, thanks!” and smacked me after he left haha. Gotta love us sassy women ❤ By the way, if you don’t know what “Big O” means I suggest you look it up on Urban Dictionary or Google :p (And to those of you who think the meaning’s so obvious, don’t judge me! My other suite-mate didn’t get the reference at all and I had to spend an hour explaining it to her!)

And there was my week in a nutshell 🙂 Thank you for all of the extra love and fan-mail you guys sent my way this week!  It was much needed. At one point, I couldn’t even find words to create this week’s poem. It reminded me of this quote from “The Lucky One”. And finally I  did come up with this week’s how do youPoem of the Week: “Missing”.

“Missing” was honestly the most emotional and hardest poem I ever found myself writing. As with all my poems, you can interpret it any way you like. But within this poem, I feel as each reader was able to find at least one verse they were able to relate to in the exact way I was feeling it. All I can tell you is, keep searching for what’s “missing” to you 🙂

Have a lovely weekend ❤

xoxo. SassPrincess.

Finals Week Drama…and other weekly musings!

Hello reader ❤

Happy Friday! One more week and I will be DONE with this harsh Winter quarter. I’ve been walking around so unsassy all quarter-my hair up, my nails half done, my make up smeared…ugh. I’m serious, nothing has gone my way this quarter after working so hard. Well, except for the fact I got an on campus job that I really wanted ❤ But the thing is, I have to keep up my GPA to have it and I’m afraid it will slip 😦 I pray I do well on my finals to keep it.

My days that start at 8 am and end at 4 am is not pleasing. I need more sleep and next time I will remember not to make 3/4 of my courses science related! As part of my finals, I had a paper, presentation, AND exam for each class! It’s so CRAZY. Other students say they are busy too…I wonder what they’ll say if they were a science major like me lol.

My science courses were so hard this quarter and I’m really nervous over their finals. I’ve made literally hundreds of flashcards for each test in these classes and they didn’t help… I also tried getting help from others, reading my notes, and reading my textbook but it’s not working. I’m wondering what else I can do, as the final is worth a lot more points and will either make or break my grade.

Boys are stupid. They tell you they’ll come see you and they never do. You see them when you hang out with your mutual friends and they look at you and talk to you like nothing’s ever happened between you two. Even my little 9 years old girls that I mentor at the YMCA every week tell me I deserve better.

Something did make me happy though amongst all this drama. My professor, who chose me for the job position called me today to check if I was still interested for the position. I told her that with all my heart I am still passionate about the position and there is no other job on campus I would rather have. But, I’m currently having trouble with my courses and I’m nervous to see if I will still meet the GPA requirement. She asked if everything has been okay and to explain what’s been going on with my “rough quarter”. I told her how frustrated I’ve been with all the work I’ve been having to do and the lack of sleep I’ve been going through all quarter. The only time I would be in my dorm room was to sleep. And shower. Yea, it was that bad. I couldn’t tell her about the verbal bullying I had to go through with my roommate as well being sick often. She responded very kindly saying that she is glad I was honest with her, and she would still keep me and help me if something bad was to occur. I was so soothed by her words. It made my week.

Another thing that made me happy, my ex was reading this blog and told me “I hope you do end up getting everything you want, because you do have a big heart.” And I asked him “How do you know I have a big heart?” I thought he’d say something like…”because you brag about it on your blog!” But instead, he said the words that touched my soul, “Because I was blessed enough to have WITNESSED it.”

One other thing did help me loosen up a little this week. My friend Dan (who I told you guys about earlier), who I was presenting with for our final project, added a little advertisement into our presentation 😉 He was referring to the fact he accidentally did the section I was originally supposed to do haha.

Dan's Slides

xoxo. S.

On this snow day…that wasn’t actually a snow day for me! #ScienceMajors

Hi reader.

What day is today? Whattttt? It’s only Tuesday? Why 😦 It feels like such a long week already dear reader 😦

You see, there’s a snowstorm here in Chicago. And my college decided to cancel all classes AFTER 1:00 pm today. Yea. #SnowDay. Which was super awesome for all my normal friends whose classes are all after 1:00 everyday….

BUT ABSOLUTELY AWFUL FOR SCIENCE MAJORS LIKE ME. Not only did I have to get my butt out at 7:00 in the morning today (after going to sleep at 4 in the morning), I had to sit through all my difficult and boring science related classes this morning 😦 AND, for the class that I was supposed to have at 4:00 day? Yea we may not be meeting, but that 5 page paper that was originally due today (which normal proffesors would accept in their hand on the day we get back) … must be submitted online ASAP today :0

Wowww haha. I guess this is just preparing me for the future in my medical career. There aren’t any snow days given out in healthcare professions either! 😉

Stay warm if any of you guys are in this snowy area 🙂 And to the rest of you, have a lovely week and don’t forget to SMILE!

xoxo. S.

P.S- I am so happy you guys really like this week’s song of the week, it has always been one of my favorites ❤