What to do about this roommate…

Thank goodness I fought for the single room, reader. But…I can still hear my 6 other roommates loud and clear.

Picture this. You’re taking your chemistry placement exam online when you hear sounds of “Oh, oh, oh, oh”.

Yea. Single room or not, when you are under a time crunch and have severe ADHD… these are not the sounds you want to hear.

It all started Thursday night when my roommate (or should I say housemate) brought her friend over after their wild Halloween night. It was 2 in the morning and I was tired. Now, I’m on the third floor and I just hear all these sounds of shrieking and laughter. I had class in the morning so I had to get some sleep. So I tossed and turned, covered my ears with my pillow, it just did not work.

I couldn’t take it anymore so around 3, I just walked on downstaris stood in her doorway and whispered “Can I shut this door?” Oh she got the hint all right, she was very apologetic and 15 minutes later I could not hear a sound from them two. But the bad part was, I’m a severe insomniac- so if some random noise wakes me up, I’m up all night!

And then Friday night. Yes, this is when her boyfriend came over. I’ll spare you the details and tell you I had to hear strange noises as I was writing my 6 page psychology paper.

Of course Saturday night…it continued. But later that Saturday night, good lord. It was about 1 in the morning when I woke up to screaming and door slamming. Thankfully, there was one of my roommates who had not left for the weekend. We hid in my room together, it was scary! We heard sounds of him punching walls and throwing things! We also heard her say “ouch stop that hurts” and “why are you doing this to me”???  I am honestly so scared, my roommate and I thought about calling the police. Times like this we wished we lived in a freshman dorm with RA’s. But finally, it ended around 4 am.

And then Sunday morning….what do I wake up to? Yes, their make-up sex.

I’m so confused about what’s going on between them. I’m glad they made up but I have two issues:

1) He’s going to keep coming back to visit and I’m officially terrified of him. I fear the safety of myself and my roommates.

2) I’m annoyed by their “noises”

Gosh, what do I do about all of this?

xoxo. SassPrincess.

Saying Goodbye to Freshman Year…

Dear reader,

That’s it. Freshman year is over 🙂 It was one heck of a roller coaster ride let me tell ya. I did pretty good on my finals and my roommate’s version of saying goodbye was, “make sure you clean the bathroom floor and vacuum our room!” Thank goodness I don’t have to suffer that abuse anymore…

I feel like God wants me and Prince Player to be together. Whether it’s as friends or more, he wants us to have some kind of positive relationship. After getting teased by his “Oh sure, I’ll find time to hang out before we leave texts”, and not getting a text back, I decided to accept the fact that I won’t even get to say goodbye to him and will have to wait yet another 2 and a half months to see him again.

But. Thursday. My last day. After I finished moving out my stuff, I said goodbye to my suite-mates and slumped down to my bedroom floor. This was it. Freshman year was over and I was going to miss them as well as my other friends I met this year. And the number one person I wanted to say goodbye to the most, I had to go the whole summer without seeing him. My heart ached, I needed coffee.

tumblr_mb4gf5bn1G1ruxwp2o1_500So I grabbed my purse and walked to the cafe in the student center. No make-up, no perfume, hair all out of place, eyes red. And who do I see? Yes. Prince Player. Why do I always bump into him when I look like hell? At that point however, I didn’t care. It was the real me, and what better day to show him the absolutely real me than the last day. Usually, I’d quickly wave and walk away. But I had to go and do what I really wanted to do, I had to. I don’t leave places without being on good terms with someone.

I think he knew what I had in mind. Because as I started walking to him, he stood up. I hugged him, buried my face into his chest, and whispered “Bye”. He held me for that one second as we separated, “You’re leaving” he said. I nodded. He looks deeply into my eyes and says, “We didn’t get to hang out.” Who’s problem is that? I wanted to ask…but I just bit my tongue. And I shrugged. He looks at the floor, “Yea I’m leaving today too.” I nodded again, I wanted to say have a good summer, but he beat me to it. And I smiled and said “you too”. I turned my head and walked away before he could see my true feelings. I felt him do the same. When we hugged, all of our memories played like a flashback in my mind. There he was, my first college fling and heartbreak. No matter how many mornings I felt like hell because of him, I remembered those days he made me feel like a princess and made me believe. As much as I hate him, I know he’s a sweetheart and there is someone out there for both of us. (Clearly he knows there is someone else for him :p) Whatever. Maybe next year he’ll make time so we could at least be friends.

xoxo. S.


Getting Dumped On Valentine’s Day- And other awful weekly musings….

Hey reader,

I wish I could tell you I had a super awesome week. But I didn’t 😦

I can’t really tell you I got “dumped” because I did tell you in my previous post that I’m single haha. So we’ll just call this guy a “friend” because I don’t know what else to call him. But after not hearing from him for 5 weeks, I asked him to explain what is going on in our “flirtationship”.

flirtationshipThinking he has just been busy all these weeks, and the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, I thought he would choose this day to finally come to my door step and give me those chocolate hearts and teddy bears and claim his love for me. But he did the exact OPPOSITE. And I’ll spare you the details and I’ll just say we are not in this “flirtationship” anymore. And he had to choose Valentine’s Day of all days to break this news to me. I miss his love already, and words can’t really express how I feel at the moment so I will just move on to the next weekly musing.

Why must things be like this. I know things will get better soon, or I hope they do. We’ll be positive, because that’s what princess’s do. They have big hearts, they cry their eyes out, and walk to work/class the next morning like nothing is wrong.

Love you reader. Thanks for reading. xoxo. S.