Woman In The Arena

CriticI saw “Heart” yesterday.

He looked so damn fine and his beautiful hazel eyes dug into my soul. I quickly said “Hey” and walked my way as he asked “How are you?” I didn’t answer. Because if I did, I’d tell him that I am suffering a cold, cramps, homesickness, heartache, and fear of my Chem midterm tomorrow. School is so difficult these days, no one has sympathy for a girl with ADHD who tries her best everyday despite her struggles. All they do is criticize. My scholarship advisor told me this quote yesterday and told me to take care of myself ❤ It’s from Teddy Roosevelt’s “Man In The Arena” speech. It cheered me up and represents me well.

xoxo. S.

Falling in Love (Again)

Oh gosh reader,

My week was so frustrating…until guess who called again? “Heart” ❤ He’s just been really busy.

We had our first date yesterday, god it was wonderful. I just want to replay it over and over again.

We met right before Thanksgiving when I was performing at an event our college was hosting. Can you guess what I was doing? Yup. I was belly dancing ❤ And I caught his eye right away! He’s everything I ever dreamed of: A sexy Arab guy, Sagittarius, and faithful.

It was nice to visit him in Denver, but it’s good to be back in our hometown. He’s going through a lot financially and with his family, I’m so nervous that I won’t know how to help him and he won’t be able to spend time with me.

Falling For YouBut god, after yesterday, I pray that he stays with me. He wouldn’t stop complimenting me, my favorite thing he probably said was “You’re a hundred out of a ten.” Also, he wouldn’t stop grabbing me and playing with me lol! He’s so perfect. He fits my kinkiness and cuteness really well.

If I lose him, I’ll be really upset. I fell for him as easily as I did for “Sugar” and “Prince Player”. And both of those ended badly 😦 I’m not going to forgive “Sugar” for dating the model, and I sure as hell won’t forgive “Prince Player” for hooking up with girls who are my friends and saying things like “I don’t like you the way I like her”.

I hope it all works out reader. Because quite frankly, I’m totally falling for “Heart”.

xoxo. S.