My Various Sassy Hairstyles (and what they mean!)

wavy hair 2Dear Reader,

I may be a crazy and busy science major, but my hair, needs to look fabulous. People pay attention to that you know :p So here ya go, the easy hairstyles I do and what they mean ❤

1) My Naturally Wavy Black Hair

I am not joking reader. On a normal average day, this is what my hair looks like! It has no meaning, except for the fact I’m super blessed ❤

2.) Straightened Hairstraight hair

“I got tired of my beautiful natural hair. And I actually had some extra time today, so I straightened my hair ;)”



half updo wavy3.) Half Up-Do (Wavy)

“I’m feeling classy today. I want to be classy, sassy, and chic.”

***Note, this is the hairstyle I am most known for. Half of the week consists of this hairstyle ❤

4.) Half Up-Do (Straight)half up do

“I woke up this morning, and for some reason, my hair was straight instead of wavy. And that’s boring. So…I pulled it in to an up-do for extra sass :)”





5) Classic Ponytail (with bangs)

“I’ve been in lab all day. Or, I’ve been in the gym all day”

sleek ponytail


6.) Sleek Ponytail

“My face, looks absolutely adorable today. People need to see it.”




side ponytail7.) Side Ponytail

“I’ve been super busy all day…but I feel extra flirty <3”

13th Annual Young Hollywood Awards - Red Carpet


8.) The Bun

“I have gotten in touch with my inner ballerina. Too bad I will be in the library studying all day….”

xoxo. S.

The Problem With Having Dark Hair

Hello reader!

Hooray for my first beauty post 🙂 Today I will be talking to you about my hair. Let me say, my natural hair is long, black, and wavy. It’s absolutely beautiful! But, this week being Spring Break, key word being “spring”, I decided it was time for a change.

I started out by getting it cut. I told the stylist to take off 2 inches, not 4….So now I have medium length hair. This is okay reader! It grows back fast anyway 🙂

But I decided, if this dramatic change occurred to my hair, we might as well dye it too! I always wanted that auburn hair tint to my black hair, so I bought this dye by Garnier Fructis. 1000947_751861_A_400And sadly, it did not work 😦 You’re gonna need to take a magnifying glass to see my newly “dyed” hair! I mean I guess you could say it looks lighter? As I looked online to see what other women with dark hair do, I saw that they get it done professionally. As this is a problem with having naturally dark hair, the dye won’t show up! Sooo we’ll try that next time ❤

xoxo. S.