5 Things People Do on Snapchat That Give Me Anxiety

FullSizeRender(27)When you open my snap, but don’t respond. Was it something I said? Or snapped?

When we’ve been snapping for days/weeks but that little heart (that notifies you of that) next to your name disappears when you stop snapping me. I sense a breakup coming…

When I open my phone to see it loaded with updates…but it’s 5 snaps in a row from you of things that don’t pertain to our relationship. I watch your Snapchat story for those love.

When you watch my Snapchat story, and act like you didn’t see it. Snapchat does not lie.

When I or you find out your/my “big news” on Snapchat. Since when does Snapchat replace a heartful conversation?? Call me fool.

But then there’s things out of our control.

Like when we want to watch our friend’s story, but the update causes you to watch the next person’s story as well as it automatically plays next… Oh my god no!!! I don’t want to know what they’re up to!! HALP!!!

And then there’s the nice things.

Like when I’m sick and you offer to bring me soup. Oh you ❤

Like when I’m about to do a big show and I snap about my nerves and you send me words of encouragement. Oh you ❤

Like when I’m sad and you send me pics of quotes that lift me up. Oh you ❤

Like when I do my “Snapchat Vlogs” thinking I’m some celebrity and you comment on how hilarious it was. Oh you ❤

Out of all social media platforms, Snapchat is my favorite. My dream is to become a Snapchat star. I’m serious. Maybe. Anyways…what do you like/dislike about Snapchat? Comment below!

xoxo. S.

Summer School Blahs: Writing in eyeliner, “taken” men, and other musings!

Happy Friday reader.

You know. My “normal” friends are out having the time of their lives, but science major me is enrolled in two electives over the summer. Easier to do them now than during the school year when I have to take all those crazy science courses :0 (help!).

Anyways, I’m taking “Dance” and “Communications: Public Speaking” at the local community college. Dance is online. It is more of a “dance history” kind of course so it involves a lot of reading and going to performances and critiquing them.

Now Public Speaking on the other hand, is a completely different story. It starts at 8:00 on Monday and Wednesday mornings. It also requires 4 speeches and 3 tests. Yes, this is what the world has come to. #help

This was my first week and let me tell you, it was…interesting. It all started out on Monday, I was one of the first ones there. I took a seat outside the classroom. There was also another student there, some boy my age. He would not take his eyes off of me!! My god that was scary, have you ever had someone that you don’t know just stare at you? Yea. It was wierd. Anyways. The other students started piling in and he started looking at them instead.

The professor finally arrived. She was totally dressed for summer in her sun dress and wedges. Very sassy. I like her.

After the initial intro, she handed out some worksheets for us to fill out. And what do you know. On the first day of school, I forgot a pen. I looked around in my bag and all I got out of it was a tampon and eyeliner. Yea, so um. I filled out the worksheets in eyeliner…What a great first impression! Lukily, I had some money and this college had a convenient store. I went there during break and bought a pen 🙂 I was happy but couldn’t believe I would forget a pen on my first day!! I guess this is karma for making fun of that guy in The “Big O”, pen stealers, new quarter, and other weekly musings! huh? Haha ❤

Fun fact: Did you know that some would rather die than speak in public?

henry fordHaha. After this quote she shared with us, I think I’ll make it 🙂

xoxo. S.

My hope is in a little stuffed camel… thanks to him.

camelIs that sad or what?

Oh hey reader. I won’t be rude! Good week so far? Yea me either…This isn’t even today’s special haha! It’s me sharing my musings about my dull life.

About the camel. So I went to Dubai this summer, and my mom said I can pick out a souvenir. I chose this adorable tiny little stuffed camel. It’s way prettier than the one in the picture. It has a tiny bell abound it’s neck and and a beautiful arabian sash ❤ I named it… Gypsy 🙂 He (or she???) lays on my dorm room bed with me every night.

How does it to relate to “him”? Well, every guy I’ve been with and I have a child together. Calm yourself, it’s usually a stuffed animal like Gypsy or some random toy… And well, Gypsy was his child! He and I bonded over her. He asked so many question about her. She (or as he used to call her, “it”) would always sleep in between us. She would know everything we said and did. Occasionally, he would take Gypsy in his arms and kiss it. And then he would pass it to me to do the same. Our child ❤

Funny story. He says he’s sorry, I tell him he should be because I’m playing single mom to our child over here :p. Imagine my shock as I had to explain to her every week why her daddy wasn’t there to see her. Yup. And imagine my bigger shock as I sleep next to her overnight and get memories of him as I hold her.

Is it time to throw Gypsy away? She (“it”) is the only thing that keeps me company these days!! So yeaaaa. I bet this silly musing made your day didn’t it reader? I thought so ❤

xoxo. S.