4 Years of Blogging Bliss

Well if I don’t blog on my blogiversary, that just makes me terrible. So hello reader! I am back (and a little fashionably late) for my own party! Sorry, sorry reader. Paul, you must have eaten all the pizza by now, I don’t blame you. Aaron are you still awake? I see there are still balloons on the floor.

untitledIn all seriousness.

Oh. My. God. Reader. We made it! 4 years of blogging!!!

Do you believe this?

I created this blog in my small town suburban home in Illinois during my Christmas break my freshman year of college. I wrote under the name “SassPrincess”.Raise your hand if you read my stuff back then.

I wrote a post and deleted it. I wrote another post and deleted it. And then finally, when I was back from Christmas break and at school on January 4th, I wrote a post- and kept it.

Fuck it I thought. I’ve been holding in my great writing long enough, and no one was going to stop me.

People tried.

My roommate asked me whether I wrote something like “Getting heartbroken on Valentine’s day”. I did. I most certainly did. And it made me sad.

My best friend asked me why I couldn’t just write a diary. I could have. I really could have. But I was so talented, that I was sad he would even ask that.

A random kid in my dorm said I need to change the layout and “ugly pink” theme of this blog. Took my laptop and did it for me. I hated it. I absolutely hated it. I was sad he would change something that made me so happy to look at.

“Friends” I mentioned this blog to just to get some readers used the information I wrote on here against me. Oy ve. My mistake. Never did that again.

But they all failed.

I didn’t care what my roommate or others said about my posts. Because for each person that made fun of a past, there were at least 10 other people in this world that I knew connected with my post.

I didn’t care that my best friend told me to write a diary. I wrote a diary before. What did it do? Absolutely nothing! But writing this blog? Writing this blog inspired many people, and myself.

I didn’t care the random kid in my dorm changed my “ugly pink” theme. I snatched my laptop right back and changed it to my favorite pink them that still exists today. Many readers know me for this cute theme! And last time I checked, his blog has 400 followers. Mine has, 612. Yea, so take that ya meenie.

I didn’t care that “friends” used my personal stories against me. This is a public blog, and I did try to advertise for it, and those are consequences. Luckily, I have moved to a new city, and started a new life- where no one really knows me, so all is amazing!

Who knew? That 4 years later… I could be where I am right now 🙂

It took one hell of a lot of tenacity, hard-work, and perseverance.

I thought I was busy back then. Eep. Why didn’t someone pinch me back then? Back then I would blog once day. Now, I’m lucky if I can blog once a month!

I’m grateful to have readers that are so understanding, patient,and don’t unfollow me when I can’t write for a while.

In fact, you all love me so much, that my statistics page tells me that *drum roll please* 74,144 views and 47,383 visitors! That means, almost 12,000 of you stopped by each year!! So that means 1,000 of you per month!

Holy moly. That means. I was on stage, on tour, for 3 days a month. And 333 came to each show? Oh my gosh the room must have been so full!

Yes. I love performing at my sold out shows. According to these calculations, I performed, 144 sold out shows!

Wow. All thanks to you reader ❤

I promise to update you on how my first semester of grad school went and my first ever romantic birthday (I know right, Shaz is growing up).

I will also read all of your blogs tonight and send some love because, I love you ❤

xoxo. S.


Two whole years of blogging bliss…Happy blogiversary to me!

bridget jones coverWell reader, I totally amused all the people who didn’t think I can make it as a blogger because look….here I am, still writing, 450+ regular readers going strong 🙂 WE HAVE MADE IT GUYS! Through all the heartbreak, triumphs, and occasional accomplishments- I’m still here to amuse you with my wit and you’re still here to read it ❤ Thank you for joining me on my journey, here are your favorite posts of the year.

The Most Popular Post I Have EVER Written: My 100th post! “How To Get (and keep) A Sassy Woman”

In the past two years of writing, this was the post that was most shared and read. Oh I remember being so frustrated when I wrote this because all the things mentioned were things that “Prince Player” did when he first met me, and then he randomly stopped and started doing it to other girls 😦 Oh well.

Most Popular Love Letter:A Letter to My Ex On His Birthday: “Because You Loved Me”

I had a tissue box next to me as I wrote this one. I love writing love letters that I know my lovers won’t read because it gives me a chance to tell them all the things I couldn’t say. This one meant a lot to me because it really explains how “Heart” has helped me grow as a person and practically healed me. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I miss him everyday.

Most Popular Poem: “ADHD and Heartbreak”

I love this poem because it shows how ADHD affects big areas of my life, including love.

Runner Up for Most Popular Poem: “Real”

I always schedule my poems ahead of time and I remember this became published as “Heart” was breaking up with me. I remember showing it to him and his eyes getting teary as I could tell he was really regretting breaking up with me. But still, to this day after our various break-ups I can proudly say that nothing about our relationship was fake. The “fakeness” that “Prince Player” should me in our time together really hurt. So when “Heart” came along, I couldn’t believe how real things were and it was a dream come true ❤

Most Popular Weekly Musings: Elevator musings, the Oscar’s, and oh- Happy March!

I think this post is great because it’s a recap of how much “Heart” means to me and how I live every day hoping I can remain strong after what “Prince Player” did.

Most Popular Post About “Prince Player”:My Attachment Theory: Airplanes

I couldn’t not include something about “Prince Player” in this list as he is the one that has inspired some of the most popular posts in this blog. I think my readers enjoyed this post because I finally give them an explanation of why it’s complicated to completely get “Prince Player” out of my head.

Most Popular Post About “Heart”: A tie between The Sweetest Goodbye and If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up

I think my readers and I love “The Sweetest Goodbye” because it shows what love and heartbreak really is.

In “If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up”, I think we were all just happy that “Heart” came back! And little did we know, there was going to be a series of “Heart” leaving and coming back….sold out

WHAT A YEAR READER. Again, thank you for tagging along and supporting me ❤ I have enjoyed performing at my sold out performances 😉 Did I miss any of your favorites?? Comment below!

xoxo. S.

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1 whole year of blogging bliss…Happy Blogiversary to me!

BlogiversaryReader! Bring out the cake and party streamers! It’s our one year anniversary 🙂

With all my heart, to you wonderful individuals who I am blessed to call my followers- thank you for all your support, love, and critiques through my journey this year ❤ WE MADE IT!

It’s hard to believe I started this blog exactly one year ago with the pseudonym “SassPrincess” haha. From there, I grew and became more genuine.

As a treat, I’ve decided to talk about some of your favorite posts 🙂

Most Read Post: That Day I Stopped Taking My Meds

Wow, the amount of hits this post got flattered me. But I can see why. It has inspired a lot of my followers as well as my friends who read the blog to open up. It has helped me share my story and help others. It took a lot of courage to write this, but I’m glad I did.

Most Liked Poem (and post!) Award Goes To: “Fake”

Well gosh. This poem was probably the most frustrating poem to write 😦 I cried so hard while journaling it. It was about my wonderful college heartbreak “Prince Player”. Who knew it would get me so many wonderful readers and positive reviews about my poetic skills? I better send him a thank you card one day…

The Poem That Most Followers Wrote To Me About: “Forbidden”

A.k.a fan mail. Yes, I’ll agree with this one ❤ It was another tear jerker, but absolutely true. I find myself in this position with a lot of relationships, this one was specifically written for “Sugar” but I can’t say it doesn’t apply to anyone else. Reading all the e-mails, I know that this one means a lot to my readers. All I can say is, if it does apply to you, hang in there reader ❤

My Favorite Poems! “Putting You In A Poem” and “Missing”

I love “Putting You In A Poem” because it describes what I go through when I write about love interests! IT’S DIFFICULT. “Missing” means a lot to me because I know it’s something that we all face at one point in our lives.

Most Liked Weekly Musings: The “Big O”, pen stealers, new quarter, and other weekly musings! and Summer School Blahs: Writing in eyeliner, “taken” men, and other musings!

Hahahahaha. I can see why these two posts are well liked, I just re-read these posts and  even I’m laughing. These two really bring out my witty personality! Have a look for yourself 😉

Honestly reader, I wish I can talk about ALL my posts! But these are your favorites (and I don’t want to bore you) !

Oh and while I’m at it, I want to give a shout out to a few readers! I love all my readers, really, but I must say…

There are some readers who have been there for me so much that I wish we can be friends in real life and just go out for coffee or something… So here they are 🙂

Paul at The Captain’s Speech- The first week I got back to college, I was falling apart. All I wanted to do was just drop out. My friends totally betrayed me, the love of my life hooked up with one of my closest friends, and I was hating my major. And then I found Paul’s post called
I Miss School, Already on Freshly Pressed. It made me stop and think for a moment. After that, I changed things a bit and started enjoying college more 🙂 And today, I continue following Paul and his wise posts. Cheers to you my friend! Thanks for being there 🙂

Audrey at Like Crazy- We’re the same age and have the same dilemmas. I love Audrey because she reads almost every one of my posts and I can relate to almost every single one of hers! She’s one of those bloggers I would like to go shopping with. Thanks for being you girl ❤

Miss Lou at Miss Lou Aquiring Lore- Hahahaha. She is hilarious and knows how to make me laugh ❤ She always leaves the best comments on my posts and makes me smile 🙂  Although she is a bit hard to find at times, I hope you see this Miss Lou!

Michelle at Dancing in the rain!- Goodness. Through all the heartbreak that happened this past year, as well as missing my mom… Michelle was always there to be a mom figure and give me the best advice. She always stops by when I need someone the most and lifts me up. Thanks Michelle 🙂

Thanks to the four of you 🙂 AND ALL MY READERS! Reading your blogs is a a joy for me 🙂 I can only hope I’ve done the same for you ❤

xoxo. Shaz.