7th Week Back at School…Same Old Same Old

I want some excitement in my life.

Again this week, “Heart” didn’t come over. Tuesday I got teary eyed waiting for him, and Thursday I got teary eyed waiting for him. Yesterday, I found out that he left for Boston for an important conference…that’s why he has been so busy and didn’t the problem 1get to come over this week. I’m happy for him, but I miss him. As you may have read, I bumped into him twice this week. Everything about him- his eyes, his smile, etc.- killed me.

I didn’t get to see “Prince Player” either…but we did chat a little. It makes me sad that I have talked to him more than “Heart”. But at least I feel a little appreciated.

And then, for the second time this week- “SUGAR” CALLED… but this time, I didn’t pick up. What is his problem? He keeps trying to text me, skype me, and call me. I’m done with him. Yea I had a thing for him around this time last year…but isn’t he the one that left me for his model girlfriend? I honestly told him to leave me alone… He asked me why and I didn’t bother responding.

Class didn’t go so well today. In front of everyone, my photography professor pointed out the fact I am way behind on the photo editing thingy we were working on and that I’m really slow at following directions. Um, did he not get the memo that I have ADHD?!? Is it sad that this is the class I’m struggling in most right now?

Ughhhhhh. Same old, same old.

xoxo. S.

Advice For the Gentlemen- Part 1

if a girl

Dear gentlemen who read this blog,

If I have to explain this to you, shame on you! When a girl is silent, don’t even think about asking her what’s wrong. She’s just going to play it off all shy and cute and say….”NOTHING”. When in reality, it’s a whole lot of something!!! So for the sake of being a gentlemen, just say “I know something is wrong, when you’re ready to talk, I’m here” and do a number 4 😉 She will love you, I pinky swear!!

xoxo. SassPrincess.