I believe… love has no limits

love has no limits

Love is love.


Confessions of A Sassy Woman Part 3: I Have A Killer Eye Roll….

eyerollI can’t help it reader. It’s like a sudden reflex!

One time, I was witnessing Prince Player using the same exact lines he used on me on another girl, and guess what I did?? I think I accidentally sighed out loud and did the eye roll!! I’m pretty sure they both saw. Omg…#mortified.

Another time, I was waiting for my food in our cafeteria and I waited for my food FOREVER. So when the server came out with someone else’s food, I think I one again sighed and rolled my eyes all the way up to the ceiling without even thinking…and lol the server said “Your order’s coming sweetheart, I promise”. Lol I felt so bad!!!

Anyways, there you go. I don’t think I will ever be able to control my sassy eye roll haha. Most of the time it’s caused by silly men, the funny part? Sometimes they are the ones that catch me on it! One time when Prince Player was leaving within 40 minutes and he saw my reaction, he said “Don’t you roll your eyes at me!” Ok. Would you rather me do something else? :p Didn’t think so!

xoxo. SassPrincess.