The last week of February at last…better days are coming!

better daysYes reader,

Mercury retrograde as well as February is ending this week. Hooray! I can’t believe I’m almost there.

Today, I bumped into both “Heart” and “Prince Player”. You see, I always bump into them at once. There’s never a day where I only see just one of them, it’s always both. It just makes everything worse.

I can totally be human with “Prince Player” if it’s a casual bump and not a whole meeting. We say “Hi”, he asks “How are you?”, I smile and say “Good!” even though I feel like hell- you get the idea. Sometimes he even gives me a compliment, like today he said “I love your backpack!” It made me giggle, as that is probably the closest thing to a compliment I have gotten from him in the past few months. And then, he usually says “I’ll text you!” That means, he’ll text me after a month. Anyways, the point is, it’s getting easier to communicate with him. But “Heart” is a totally different story. I stop breathing and my heart starts to race when I see him. If he says something to me, I am totally speechless and don’t respond. Well, screw him and his beautiful hazel eyes. I’ve been hearing about him a lot lately, and it sucks. I’ve heard he’s an actor and a writer. Why in the world didn’t we discuss either of these things in our relationship? I love those two things and wish we could have done something with those hobbies. That’s what always kills me about seeing him, thinking about “what could have been”.

Besides them.

Whatever I learned in Chemistry last week is way over my head and I have an exam on Friday. Help me.

I miss my mommy already.

I got in another argument with my dad, and he told me to go read this book called “Sh*t My Dad Says” by Justin Halpern. Amusingly enough, the dad in that book is exactly like my father and reading it has made my father and I become best friends. I totally miss him now and recommend all of you read that book!

And I’m working on the stress day by day 🙂 I truly believe…better days are coming ❤

xoxo. S.