On the Eleventh Day of December

On the eleventh day of December I am still struggling with the cold, finals, and a disfunctioning laptop. I am also experiencing some anxiety as I found out that on Wednesday, I will be receiving feedback on what my peers/colleagues think about me😬 Yes; the bully will be rating me as well! The professor and TA will read everyone’s feedback out loud to me. Ugh talk about nerve wracking. In actual jobs, bosses just summarized and gave me constructive feedback.

I am very nervous about this. Any tips on receiving feedback (especially from a workplace bully) would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Please think of me Wednesday ❤️


On the 8th Day of December

On the 8th day of December, I am still without a laptop and plan on camping in the library all weekend to do papers (although there is a snow storm coming to the East Coast).

Even with the stresses of finals week, I love to help out during my birthday/Christmas season. Today I helped wrap presents for a community center. What do you think?? 😊

On the Seventh Day of December

On the Seventh Day of December, I had to cancel any weekend plans I had :/ If you have noticed my posts being late, it is because my laptop hasn’t been working since Monday!! So I’ve been having to go to the library everyday to do my homework and I’ve been writing these posts on my phone.

I don’t mind writing posts on my phone, the hard part is my homework. The library closes and I am not done with my homework by the time it closes!! So today, I finally took my laptop to IT help. Four different specialists looked at it and it’s with them overnight.

So I need to spend my weekend catching up on these projects and paper I was behind on while my laptop wasn’t working. You think a dysfunctional laptop is no big deal, but for a student…it is!! My whole grad school career and research is on there. Oy.

xoxo. S.

On the Fifth Day of December

On the fifth day of December, I listen to one of my favorite December songs that isn’t a December song. The love portrayed in this song reminds you of December. The more I listened to this song, the more I realized Zara has got to be a Sagittarius. So much energy and love in this song. Two things a Sagittarius does well! And she is a Sagittarius!! Born three days before me 🙂

On the Forth Day of December

On the fourth day of December I’m really craving some sleep. Last night I stayed up watching a Netflix Christmas movie called “Naughty and Nice”. This morning I woke up early for class, and for some reason when I woke up I thought I was on vacation and went back to sleep.

30 minutes later, I woke up and realized I am a grad student and it’s finals time😭😭

On the Third Day of December

On the third day of December, after working on many intense group projects and preparing for finals, I reminisce on this semester. It was the most stressful semester out of graduate school. And this year too hasn’t always been easy. And yesterday, I saw a James Corden episode where he was doing carpool karaoke with Kelly Clarkson and they said Hillary Clinton quoted this song in her new book.

And I love it too 🙂

On the Second Day of December


On the second day of December, I share this quote that got me through the week. I got back later than everyone from Thanksgiving on Tuesday. And as soon as I got back from 7 hours of traveling, I had a meeting for my project and was bullied by a colleague. The next day too. As she was speaking with me, I saw my doctor’s name on my phone with the blood work results I’ve been waiting for and I couldn’t even attend to that because of her.

I didn’t know what to do. In the end, after many many many friends and the Director of Grad Students  gave me hugs and told me she has a serious problem, I let it go and told her- “Thanks for your feedback, I’ll work on it”.

xoxo. S.