It’s been a few weeks since I last heard from “Prince Player”. My Ramadan was so hard this year, all things considering. But I still count on that yearly miracle.

I meet with one of my childhood friend’s before the holy month ends.

“How are you?” he asks.

“Eh. A little numb, but I’m good” I say.

He looks at me and frowns.

“My life has become the saddest Rascal Flatts song ever written” I say.

“What hurts the most?” he asks.

I laugh. “Ok the second saddest Rascal Flats song”.

“Here comes goodbye?” he tries again.

I laugh. He’s good. They are both sadder than the one I was thinking of. “Winner at a losing game” I say.


We stare into the lake. Chicago weather is getting better.

“He hit me like a hurricane” I say.

“Luke Combs!” he says.

I laugh. “Yep. Prince Player really liked him”.

My phone buzzes. I gasp.

“What?” he asks shocked.

“My other hurricane…”

It’s my other ex.

I don’t believe it. I thought I’d never hear from him again.

“I gotta go” I tell my friend.

He hugs me, “be safe, everything will be okay soon”.

I hoped one day my ex would give me the apology I deserved. But after the surprising way he left my life, I didn’t know if he would.

When he calls I tell him he owes me a huge explanation for everything that happened, and an even bigger apology.

“I’m sorry Shaz. I wish what happened never did. I’ve felt bad. I know you probably hate me, but if you’re ever down to meeting up again and being friends- I’d appreciate that a lot”.

I roll my eyes.

“Have you eaten Shaz?” he asks.

“No” I say.

“What do you want?” he asks.

“A pizza” I say.

“Okay it will be there soon” he says.

I smile. “You ordered it for me?”

“Yea” he says.

He always did that for me. Wasn’t always heavy on the words like “Prince Player” was, but he always did tiny gestures like this to show he cared. And the way he made me feel…the way he made me believe in love again after “Prince Player”, “Scientist”, and my fiancee- unreal.

I remember memories with my ex. My ex, before he left, showed me good guys exist. The one that holds the door for you. The one that brings you food when you had a long day. The one that rubs your feet or back after a 10 hour shift. The one that will talk to you everyday.

I don’t know which was the bigger hurricane. Him. Or “Prince Player”.

I think it’s a tie.

xoxo. S.

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