Begin again, my reunion with “Prince Player” in the time of Corona (Part 2)

I had been praying for a miracle.

When I was just dumped by my last boyfriend, got really sick, and got pulled into being on the frontlines of COVID-19- all I was praying for was a miracle.

Never did I think that miracle would be “Prince Player” coming back. It was the plot twist I didn’t see coming.

For one month we talk everyday. “Prince Player” texts me good morning every day and calls me every few days.

He calls me beautiful, powerful, smart, cute. He checks in on me. We exchange our favorite songs.

I pray one thing every night between our reunion and when we got to meet.

Lord only bring Prince Player close to me if he is right for me. If not, please push him away.

Every day our bond grew stronger and stronger.

I just couldn’t believe it. 8 years it took. To have “Prince Player” just where I want him.

“I like you” Prince Player says one day.

“Whoa, I only waited 8 years to hear that” I say.

“What? You never told me you liked me!” player says.

“Yes I did!! I told you like 3 different times. But you left me each time :(” I say.

“Well that was the past. We’re in the present now. And times are different” player says.

My jaw drops. Is this real life ❤

Despite my prayer to only bring “Prince Player” close to me if he is the right one for me, God pushes us closer and closer each day. We talk for an hour on the phone. We text each day. Sometimes I wonder if player feels it more than I do. Because I feel his love all around me, even though he is so far away.

“I want to see your life and be a part of it” he says when he books his flight tickets. My heart jumps.

Later Prince Player tells me he thinks a lot about me, and I told him I kind of stopped thinking about him after our last…fiasco.

“It’s ok you don’t think about me much anymore. But I’m going to change that” he says. ❤

And finally, the week comes. I plan our menu and think of things we can do.

I ask player if he likes pepperoni, green peppers, and olives thinking we’ll order a pizza after he lands. “OMG that is literally what I get on my pizza! How did you know?”

I laugh to myself. I think player and I are twin flames. We love all the same things. I think that is part of the reason we always got along.

On the day of, I can’t focus.

I wonder if “Prince Player” and I will have a good time.

I wonder if he will leave me without saying anything the way he did in Boston.

I wonder if things really are different now.

I know it’ll all be alright, but I’m excited and anxious.

When he lands, I stop working and start doing my touchups. I put some hairspray in my hair and adjust my makeup. I didn’t really go shopping for new clothes to wear from him because of well…corona. So I wear my best date outfit which is my maroon peplum top and jeggings.

When I see him, my heart stops.

I open the door to my apartment complex. “I’M COLD PLAYER!” I shout laughing.

“Wow, you’re not really wearing anything are you” he says. We are in hysterics.

We go up to my place, “don’t touch me!” I say. Player laughs.

We decide it’s a good idea for player to shower first…all things considering.

When we get back to my place, I remove my mask and stare at him.

“You can kiss me though” I say.

He removes his mask and kisses me. My world stops.

His lips are so soft and I feel like I’m a cloud and-

“Shaz do you have a towel” he asks.

I snap out of it. “Oh right yea”.

I grab him a towel and show him where all the guest toiletries are.

“Is this for your other male guests?” he asks laughing.

I burst out laughing. “Omg player no! It’s just stuff I collect from my travels that I keep out for guests silly”.

He laughs and I tell him to hurry up so I can hug him.

His shower is the fastest shower I have ever witnessed.

It’s probably only 3 minutes and the bathroom door doesn’t even shut when he comes out and hugs me. Hard.

“Hi” he says.

“Hi” I say.

We kiss again.

“The pizza will be here soon…” I say needing to separate so I can grab it.

“Ok” he lets me out of his grasp.

I look at my phone tracking the order “We have two minutes”.

He pulls me in my arms again. My nose touches his. We smile it each other.

“Ok. Now I go” I say going to get the pizza.

He lets me out and I grab it. We go to my dining table that I rarely eat on now and eat it.

“This is really good. Good choice on the pizza” player says.

I tell him it is my favorite. It’s from my favorite local restaurant.

Player and I catch up. We pick up just where we left off.

Soon it’s time to get ready for bed. I put on my pajamas and so does he.

We talk and he says something to me.

“Oh my god. So I am special to you” I say.

“You didn’t know that?” he asks.

My eyes well up. I kiss him and we turn of the lights to go to sleep.

“I can see your eyes, even in the dark” player says holding me. I can’t see his eyes, but I can see him smiling. I smile and snuggle into him.

In the middle of the night, I wake up randomly. And I see that player is awake too and we have separated from each other’s arms.

I look at him. He stares back at me. I go back into his arms. And we fall asleep again.

We wake up the next day.

“How’d you sleep?” I ask.

“Good!” player says. “Me too” I say smiling.

“I like when we cuddled in the middle of the night” player says.

Half asleep the night before, I didn’t even realize that happened.

It makes my heart fuzzy that player did.

xoxo. S.

Don’t miss what happens next! Coming soon: Begin again, my reunion with “Prince Player” in the time of Corona (Part 3)

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