I am here

Dear reader,

How have you been? My last post was in May, but I think of you all constantly. My life is busier than ever being on the COVID frontlines. I am still averaging maybe 4 hours of sleep and 1.5 meals a day.

It’s so hard. I’m honored to have been promoted and to an infectious disease specialist during the time of a pandemic…but I wish other things in my life were better. Aside from the busy-ness and trying to protect myself/others from the threat if this virus of course.

First, remember my boyfriend dumped me as this all began and now… he has a new girlfriend. While I can’t seem to find anyone!

Then Prince Player said we shouldn’t be friends anymore.

Then “Scientist” and I briefly reunited, but him also being ridiculously busy in his career- said we probably shouldn’t proceed.

Then two of my family members and one of my friends passed away.

Gosh, does it really pour this hard when it rains??

I live alone and my area has a lot of cases, therefore my interactions with family & friends are very limited.

So I’m all alone. The only thing I’m married to is my career. But maybe that is where God wants me right now. To serve my community during such a crazy time.

In other positive news, my alma matter where I did my Master’s of Public Health recognized me as a distinguished alumni and I have been invited to speak on a panel!! That was super cool.

I guess it isn’t all terrible, but I wish some things were better.

How are you reader? What have you been up to?

xoxo. S.

2 thoughts on “I am here

  1. So glad to hear you’re still out there and kicking. I feel like I should request a couple things, though. Please get a little more sleep each night. Also, try to throw in one more full meal. Congrats on being named a distinguished alum, that’s awesome!

    I get what you mean when you talk about feeling alone. I’m living and working in my home town, but feel like I have no friends. The only people I regularly interact with are clients, so it isn’t as if I can form relationships with coworkers. As an introvert, I’ve definitely handled all the alone time well, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to have someone to talk to… share a meal… watch a movie with… But that’s not what this 2020 life is about.

    • Hi Aaron, gosh I’m really sorry I never responded! Your comment made me smile so much and I am glad you stopped by and took the time even though I was absent here. Thank you and hope you’re doing well!

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