All Is Well

Dear readers,

I am so sorry to have left you! It was not my intention obviously, but some amazing things happened after my last post. Only a few days after that post- I was offered a full time position in the health department in the same little suburbs I grew up in Illinois 🙂 Sooo I was busy hopping on a plane and making the big move back!

I was also busy the past 4 months learning skills for the job. I am a senior health specialist and currently working on reducing three infectious illnesses in my assigned county.

I never thought the storm would end. But alas, it has and I have my rainbow now.

I even re-united with a past flame! That’s not going as well as I wanted to, but, who knows what could happen. I will let time figure it out like it did with my job and getting over my fiancee.

After 4 months of saving up, I have finally finished furnishing my cozy apartment. I am really grateful to God, my family, and my friends for helping me through this tough year.

What have you been up to reader?? I’m glad to be back!

xoxo. S.


4 thoughts on “All Is Well

  1. It’s so funny. I was literally JUST thinking about you and then I open my blog feed and here you are! I was kinda worried. But I’m so happy to hear what’s been going on! Be sure to keep us posted!

  2. Omg I’ve been gone for forever now. I’ve clearly missed a ton. Welcome back to both of us. Brb going to catch up on your life now.

    Ps: I work in infectious diseases too now.

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