I’m Bringing Letters Back!

Dear reader,

About a year and a half ago, I did this thing where I wrote my readers letters. Read more about it here: A Letter to You!

It’s an idea I got from one of our dear bloggers friends (my blog brother) Paul. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed writing them. Now I want to do it again! Are you interested? Comment below! You could have been reading my blog for months, years, or this could be the very first post you are reading by me- I would still love to write you a letter! In your comment, let me know what I can write to you about. Example: When I first began doing this, a fellow blogger- Kaiya who was a new to WordPress at the time asked me to write about blogging tips. And I did! You can read it here A Letter to Kaiya

Other topics I excel in:

1.) Providing inspiration/motivation

2.) Food

3.) Humor

4.) Family

5.) Friends

6.) Relationships

7.) Making lists like this (I LOVE MAKING LISTS!)

If you are sitting there saying “Meh Shaz I don’t want a letter, I am a writer. I want to write YOU something.” Well be my guest! Literally! A while ago I hosted “The Shaz Show” on here where I had some of my readers guest blog and it was a lot of fun 🙂

Sooo, request your letter now! Or guest blog 😉

Can’t wait to hear from everybody! ❤

Update: I Will Be Writing Letters in This Order

1.) Chris

2.) Aaron

3.) Catherine

4.) Paul

5.) Whoever else wants a letter!

xoxo. S.

21 thoughts on “I’m Bringing Letters Back!

  1. I love letters… I still read Paul’s from time to time. I love lists too, and humour, although that is not something you’ll find on my own blog. Great idea… And, sorry that a stranger like me barges in like that, I know it is not very polite, but… Letters! 🙂

  2. I think it goes without saying that you can write me a letter about anything. Maybe combine all 7 of the topics you excel at lol now there’s a challenge.

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