One of the Only Good Memories I Have From California

Ok, so for those of you readers who wanted a funny/normal Shaz/happy story, here you go! I never did update you guys on what happened with the “Scientist”. The new guy I met a few days after Prince Player left me.

For those of you who remember please skip to the next post. For those of you just joining us, I am so sorry! Here is what you missed: I had a college lover we like to call “Prince Player”. Half of this blog used to be about him. When I graduated college, I decided to go to graduate school- in a different state. So we began seeing other people. But we always did like each other in a way, so when we were both single a few months before graduate school ended- I visited him in Chicago where we went to college, and he visited me once in Boston where I was going to graduate school. Long story short, when he visited me in Boston, it was clear he didn’t have the same feelings I did and it was time for me to meet someone new. A few days later was when I met “Scientist”. Scientist made me happy. He was classy, smart, and loved my sense of humor. Oh and he runs a blog too! Anyways, both Scientist and I got super busy towards graduation time and we ended up…losing touch. Scientist stayed in Boston, and I moved back to Texas to live with my family because I didn’t have a job yet.  And obviously, when I moved back to Texas is when my parents tried to arrange my marriage. The day before I met my future ex-fiance is the day Scientist decided to text me and apologize for not getting together before I left. Oh my lord. I quickly said it’s fine and put my focus on my ex-fiance, it didn’t seem like Scientist was really trying to re-enter my life anyway.

Except we did keep talking occasionally. And Scientist suggested he could visit… And by then, my ex-fiance and I were in a very committed relationship. I told Scientist. Scientist was very mature and wished us the best. I continued my romance with my then fiance and moved out to this hometown. And obviously that is when things fell apart. A few days later when Scientist commented on one of my social media platforms- I updated him on my new single status.

“Oh no baby, what happened?” he messaged back.

And that is where it all began again!

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xoxo. S.


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