6 Years of Blogging Bliss


Hello, and happy new year! 6 years ago I started this lovely blog. Of these 6 years, this past year was the lightest in terms of blogging. I only wrote 34 posts :0 In 2013 when this blog began, I wrote 274 posts!!!

As many of you know, this past year was the hardest year of my life and that is what contributed to my low amount of blogging. I hope to get back at it this year. Thank you for being patient with me.

Writing that reminds me of this great quote I read during my healing process:

“Be patient. God hasn’t finished healing me yet.” Philippians 1:6

All of you have been patient with me. Reading your posts and hearing your feedback on my posts always keeps me going and I’m excited to begin again. Here’s to a much happier and healthier year!

xoxo. S.

10 thoughts on “6 Years of Blogging Bliss

  1. 6 years old, wow! You gotta look out for them at that age. Their personality really starts to shine through and they can be a handful. Hope to see in the Reader more often this year!

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