Foods/Drinks I Can’t Live Without

Lately, my gluten sensitivity has really been acting up. These three items I can count on to not make me feel ill or to make me feel better when I am ill 🙂


Nutella (yes I know this contains gluten shhh)


What are your three foods/drinks you can’t live without???

xoxo. S.

17 thoughts on “Foods/Drinks I Can’t Live Without

  1. I cannot drink coffee! I wish I could, and lucky for me there is decaf, but I think it’s so funny that one of your must haves is one of me NO ways!
    I probably couldn’t do without chocolate, in any form LOL. 🙂 & lately, popcorn!

  2. I don’t really like lemonade, I’ve never had Nutella, and I don’t drink coffee. What’s going on here???

    I guess my 3 would be Pizza, Pasta, and Milk

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