On the Eighteenth Day of December

On the Eighteenth day of December, I am happy! The wait is almost over. Tomorrow a grueling semester ends, and a new year of life begins.

Today after class, I cleaned up my apartment and took some items to Goodwill. This past year, lots of bad things happened and I don’t want to remember them anymore. I want to start off 24 with a nice clean slate.

Then I went to pick up my birthday cake. Some of my friends whose finals have already ended and are leaving tonight gave me a present today (I haven’t opened it yet) but the bag said “eat lots of cake”😄. So I must! I got my favorite ice cream cake 🙂 Usually, I like chocolate cake- but ever since my sixth birthday, I have always done ice cream cake for my birthdays!!

Right now I’m working on preparing for my last final. Almost there!!!

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