On the Thirteenth Day of December

img_9053On the thirteenth day of December, I am finally happy.

For one, I got my laptop back!!!

And then I met with my professors for my teammates feedback. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. Although there were negative comments, there were also some heartwarming comments that made me feel good about the way my parents raised me. My compliments included how I was patient, respectful of all members, and did well despite having a harsh member on the team etc. And my professors had nothing bad to say, they said they admire my professionalism and my presentations in the class have been excellent 🙂

Right after this I had a luncheon I was invited to, a “student leader appreciation luncheon”. I ate a lot of great food, got a gift, and reunited with some of my other student leader friends.

And so, things are finally looking up for me 🙂 Now I just have to do well on that final Friday for the class I’m retaking 😬

2 thoughts on “On the Thirteenth Day of December

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