On the Eleventh Day of December

On the eleventh day of December I am still struggling with the cold, finals, and a disfunctioning laptop. I am also experiencing some anxiety as I found out that on Wednesday, I will be receiving feedback on what my peers/colleagues think about me😬 Yes; the bully will be rating me as well! The professor and TA will read everyone’s feedback out loud to me. Ugh talk about nerve wracking. In actual jobs, bosses just summarized and gave me constructive feedback.

I am very nervous about this. Any tips on receiving feedback (especially from a workplace bully) would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Please think of me Wednesday ❤️

6 thoughts on “On the Eleventh Day of December

  1. Sort out the good from the bad. Don’t take it personally if you can. Ask lots of questions about what they are looking for. Make it a positive learning experience. Afterwards grab your beverage of choice and breathe.

  2. This sounds like a cruel punishment. I’d probably cover my ears when they say “but” because everything after that won’t be as complimentary as the first half of the sentence lol

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