Thoughts From When I Went Home (Wild, Wild, Wild Thoughts)

I am sorry I cannot get that song out of my head!

So hi reader. I am here. I’m sure many of you have been looking for me! My family was too. Which is why I booked tickets to visit them in Houston this past weekend for my dad’s birthday. My brother too.

I was looking forward to it. These past few weeks have been difficult, and I knew being with them would bring some comfort- and it did!

When I landed, I had an appointment with the specialist my doctor recommended. I am feeling better every day, but something is not right.

He holds his chart. “Your levels are still very off. Continue on your B-12. And we will do blood work and re-check next time you come home.”

I look at my mom and roll my eyes when I get in the car. “This isn’t gonna end is it?” I ask her.

She holds the wheel, “It better! You have to have babies one day!”

I put my seatbelt on, “Not like I have to graduate or anything….”

She places her hand on my back “Oh you know you will graduate not matter what. You are tough. I was just thinking I just read this article about how babies born to a mother with Vitamin deficiencies and blood disorders had complications! The mother too!”

“Jesus” I say.

“YEA. That’s why you need to feel better” she says.

I sigh.

When we get home, my dad opens the door and my dog comes running out. Both of them hug me.

“Your lipstick looks like you painted it on” he says as he hugs me.

“Thanks Dad. I’ll tell Sephora you said that” I say. He laughs.

My bother comes out, “Hey Shaz!”

I give him a big hug. Now that I’m a consultant too (unpaid though) I understand him a lot better.

Inside my mom has made my favorite foods prepared for me. I eat and go do homework.

The next morning, I wake up early for a Facetime with my group. I had two group projects and presentations this week. Our client doesn’t show up and it is a disaster. We spend many hours working on our sections of the deliverable. It was okay because that was my family’s “rest day”. But when I have to take a call Sunday for my other group project, on Dad’s birthday, Dad isn’t happy.

“Who keeps calling you on Saturday and Sunday?” my dad asks.

“Um. Both my teams for my group projects” I say.

“On the weekend? In the morning?” he asks.

Dad asks like I enjoy taking 8am calls the morning. I hoped he would sleep in (we are both big sleepers!) so he wouldn’t catch me working on our “family fun day”.

“Yes dad. Grad school is a 7 day job. I don’t learn, I do work” I say.

“I hope these come in handy when you look for a job” he says.

He is very concerned about that (me too!). “It will” I say hugging his arm.

Later in the day we go to his favorite restaurant for a birthday. Mom and I get mojitos and my dad and brother get a whisky. We have a great time. The food is great, we get dad a birthday treat, and we laughed the entire time! I’m surprised my brother and I had no arguments.

Damn, I missed them so much. We open up our fortune cookies at the end. Mine said “You will get what your heart desires”. Yea right. (lol!)

We get an extra fortune cookie. “Hey guys- this is going to be our family fortune!” I say. I open it. It says “This is a good week to spend with your family”.

“There ya go!” my dad says. We all laugh.

When we get home I begin packing for my flight the next day. My dog is following me and watching me.

I get a message from “Prince Player”. We’ve caught up lately.

My mom walks in and sees me typing.

“Do you think you and “Prince Player” would be together if you were still in Chicago?” she asks.

“Um no…” I say.

She raises her eyebrows and walks away.

I look at my dog, “If he didn’t want to be with me then, why would he want to be with me now?” I ask her.

She wags her tail and sits in front of me as I fold clothes.

“You would like him. He’s kind and caring” I tell her scratching her ears.

She pokes me with her nose.

I stare at her. “What?” I ask her.

She pokes me with her nose again. Twice.

“Me?” I ask. She wags her tail and smiles. “Do I like him?” I ask. She wags her tail even harder.

This dog. Is a human I swear.

“Of course I do Peanut” I say.

She licks my face. Because we both know.


And then I leave home on Monday. I say byes to my mom, my brother, and Peanut (who doesn’t leave my side). I go into my Dad’s bedroom where he is sleeping.

“Hey Dad. I’ll see ya later okay” I whisper.

He wakes up and hugs me. “Bye Shaz. It was good you were here”.

My eyes well up. At that moment, the fact I flew down in the middle of midterms season and half of my weekend was spent working didn’t even matter to me.

“Dad. I’ll always be here” I say with a tear in my eye.

He smiles and I am on my way. In the plane I think about my future. Where should I work? Where do I want to live? Who do I want to spend my life with?

I’ve got no answers. So I thank God for the wonderful weekend I had, pray for my success on all my upcoming exams and projects, and watch Rumor Has It 😉

xoxo. S.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts From When I Went Home (Wild, Wild, Wild Thoughts)

  1. oh my goodness! I LOVE hearing about weekends like this. My family is always able to pick me up, too. I love going “home.” Even though I don’t live there anymore, all 4 of my siblings were raised there, my parents still live there & it will always be home. *hugs*.
    & PS. I also had Mojitos a few weekends back! I made watermelon ones at home, mmm. I’ll have to send you a photo! (are you on IG)?

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