A Letter Back to Kaiya

Hello friends-

Today we are doing another For the Love of Sass first- I am responding to a letter a reader wrote me in response to the one I wrote her as part of my A Letter to You! series. I recently wrote to Kaiya at Adventures on Quiet Nights. And now she has written me a lovely letter back. You can find it right here To Shaz🙂

Dear Kaiya,

Thank you for your lovely letter! You are so unique with your letters, you write them in a journal and you draw pictures ❤ And it’s pictures of my favorite things! I particularly love the drawing of the latte 🙂 You know how much I love those! $5 out of my pocket every morning for that!

Yes, Kaiya, believe it or not- we still do have midterms in grad school. Times 10. You must be like “what??” Every other week, we have a major test/paper/presentation.This is why you haven’t heard from me lately Kaiya haha! And it’s only about to get busier because the exams/projects worth the highest portion of my grade is in two weeks. 

AH!!!! Because you talked about having a mild case of PTSD in college, I knew you would understand if I took a moment to scream haha 🙂

I’m serious Kaiya. I totally agree with you, graduating college was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done too! But then I met graduate school right. And this weekend, I flew up to Houston to see my dad for his birthday- I wasn’t able to spend as much time with him because both of my groups for the projects FACETIMED me in. And this was on Saturday and Sunday! Then last night, I got home from my flight very late and had to stay up to practice for my presentation that I had this morning 😦 I tell you. Grad school is a 7 day job. 

I am so touched by your kind words 🙂 I can always use motivation 😉 I am glad you guys know that when I am not here, it means I am kicking ass at grad school! And I will have one hell of a story to share when I’m back ❤

Oh and if no one has told you- I’m proud of you! I can understand how hard you worked to get to where you are now and how difficult getting through college was, you are not alone. AND YOU DID IT! And you will keep doing it 🙂 As I say….slay!




One thought on “A Letter Back to Kaiya

  1. Ahh, Shaz! Thank you so much for writing me back! You are so lovely and kind.

    I’m sorry your trip to Houston had to be short and often interrupted. I hope you rocked your presentation! (I’m sure you did. xx) I’m impressed and motivated by your dedication to your studies. You’re amazing! ❤

    Full disclosure, I got a little misty eyed when you said you were proud of me. It means a lot. Thank you. ❤

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