A Letter to Myka

Today I am writing to our friend Myka at Myka Takes NV. If you are just joining us, please read A Letter to You! Myka was the last one to request a letter and I currently have no more letters to write. I want to write more!! So if you want one, you know what to do 🙂

Dear Myka,

First I must apologize. Out of all the readers I wrote to, I took the longest to write to you! 7 weeks :0 The ending of my first career, Hurricane Harvey, and grad school starting up again just happened in a row! But hey our friend Paul didn’t write me my letter for like months so I forgive myself. LOL!

Also right now, I have intense cramps and I am eating ice cream (I always eat food when I write these letters).

Anyways, let’s cut the crap and talk about the one thing both our blogs have in common…


I’m sorry Myka you did not give me a topic to work with so I had to choose this one!

I’m afraid dear Myka that I have no boy right now. For once in my life. As you may have read here, I’ve been going through a lot. But last time I read your blog, you do! HOORAY!!! I am so happy for you Myka. I really hope that’s going well 🙂

Now I don’t like to discuss my reader’s personal lives on my blog, so I will leave you alone now Myka. And we can go back to the topic of how I’m very single.

This is my choice. I am waiting. For someone who is right.

I have chosen the “wrong” one way too many times.

So here is what I am hoping for now.

1.) Someone who is honest. This is a given!

2.) Someone who is loyal. This is also a given!

3.) Someone who likes coffee as much as I do- Lattes and macchiattos are a big part of my diet.

4.) Someone who is brilliant. I am very smart. So it’s only fair! I hate when I start talking about my research, and dudes change the subject…

5.) Someone who likes dogs. I have a dog. So if they don’t like dogs, they won’t like my Peanut. Therefore, I won’t like them!

6.) Someone who likes kids. I am a former teacher. I love kids. I understand them. So if they don’t, we will have an issue!

What do you think of my list Myka?? Did I miss anything? I’d say, my demands are not that high.

Anyways, I’ve been following you for a bit Myka- and I love you. We are like blogging twins. We are very raw with our words and we talk about real life issues. That takes guts! When I read your blog, I know that I am not alone. And when you comment on my posts, I for sure know that I am not alone. So thank you for that 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this letter ❤

With love,


7 thoughts on “A Letter to Myka

  1. AHHHHH. I am the worst reader. I have been in a world of chaos. I had a rough Saturday last weekend, and then the Vegas massacre, and then work shenanigans – I’m rambling. What I mean to say is THANK YOU for writing to me. I feel the same when I read your words. I feel like I’m not alone. That things – ahem, boys – get to others the same way they get to me. I believe all of the qualities you’re looking for are solid.

    I truly look forward to reading all about the next pieces of your life; school, boys, work, pain, joy. Everything. You’re a big part of my life, which some will never understand because I only know you as – ForTheLoveOfSass. But it’s not for them to understand. Love you, girl. x a million.

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