Facts About Your Letters

Hello friends,

As of now, I have 1 letter left to write (request more please!!!!) If you don’t know what I’m talking about please read, A Letter to You!

Writing these letters have been a lot of fun. It is the newest thing I have been doing with my blog. A big step from writing about my grad school struggles and what not. Speaking of which, I am so proud for getting ELEVEN posts in last month. Once grad school begins, it will be barely once a month 😦 I hope you guys will still love me!

Anyways, here are some things you may not know about when I write your letters.

1.) I write your letters between 1am-4:30 am. This is when my brain works.

2.) I am usually munching on something when I write you letters. 1am-4:30 is when those cravings hit! When I was writing Paul’s and Aaron’s letters- I was eating coconut chips. Steven’s letter- kiwi. Chris’s letter- caramel popcorn. Meghan’s letter- smores (not gluten free, bad Shaz). Asha’s letter was the only one where I did not snack while writing.

3.) I am surprised this blog is not about food.

4.) I leave it up to you to tell me what you want your letter to be about, but if you don’t, I usually write about you. Meghan was the first person who said I could write about anything including my day so I went for it (A Letter to Meghan). In an upcoming letter to Kaiya, I will be writing blogging tips as requested by her. Do pop by if you want my tips! And no Paul, it won’t be the same as your’s 🙂

5.) Sometimes I wish we still wrote each other letter’s. I hate when I do something nice for somebody, and I get a two word text. I hate when someone misses me, and I just get a two word text. If this was a long time ago, you’d write me a letter about it and tell me how you are doing. So, thank you for requesting  letters. I’m bringing letters back 😉 (DID YOU GET MY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE REFERENCE?) No? Okay. Time for bed Shaz.

Night everybody!



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