A Letter to Chris

today I am writing to our friend Chris at Short Poems and Other Nonsense

Dear Chris,

You must forgive me because I am eating caramel popcorn right now. And I keep munching and writing at the same time.

It is sad that I am munching at this late hour because I was out on a date and we ate a lot of food! But that was at 6, and it is now 2am so let’s let myself slide okay? Now, everyone knows about my popcorn addiction and they tease me. I don’t like it because I have a gluten allergy and popcorn is one of the only things that is gluten free. Ugh. Silly people.

Anyways, enough about me more about you. So I first discovered you through Paul, my best blogger friend/your real life best friend. Except we are family now and you guys are my brothers sooooo. Yea. I like my little blogger family 🙂

Anyways (I like this word a lot), I began following your blog not because Paul told us too, but because I liked your poems. You see, I began blogging in 2013. Back then, all I wrote was poems. I wrote them because I was really sad. The last poem I ever wrote was in June 2014. Do you believe this? I HAVE NOT WRITTEN A POEM IN THREE YEARS!

Meanwhile. You Chris, are killing it. Every day you post a fantastic poem where I kid you not, I sometimes begin clapping after I’m done reading it. The last time I did that was when you wrote Some Endings.

You wrote:

It was the last sips of your wine that I drank the slowest because they were almost too better to stomach.

MY GOD. How did you do that?? I got all the feels. Seriously. No wonder why you have a book published. I feel so lucky that I am the blogger sister of a celebrity.

So since you are a celebrity, and my blogger brother, I was wondering if you can help me. Can you tell me what you think about this poem I just wrote for the first time in 3 years?

I loved him more


But yesterday

doesn’t matter

because yesterday

is history

I TRIED OKAY CHRIS? For me to write a poem, I have to be sad. And I’m talking waterproof mascara is failing and running down my cheeks from tears kid of sad. And, I haven’t been that sad in a long time.

So thank you for writing your poems Chris. Like I told Asha, thank you for writing the words I can’t seem to find in me to write.

Perhaps one day I will.

Until then, I live through your poems 🙂



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