A Letter to Paul

To Paul at The Captain’s Speech

Dear Paul,

Hi it’s your little blogger sister. I don’t even know where to begin!!!

Let’s begin with September 8th, 2013.

That’s the day I discovered your blog, and we all know the story so let’s do a little skip shall we? For those tuning in- you wrote a post about missing college, and that day I was beginning my second year of college and I absolutely HATED it. Your post was a wake up call for me.

Fast forward 4 years later, I am sitting at the top 10 graduate school for Public Health. And I LOVE school. And I realized that, 4 years ago when I was sobbing and reading your post, it wasn’t school that I didn’t like- it was my school. Does that make sense? As soon as I moved to Boston for graduate school, I LOVED my new school! I love everything about it: the location, the classes, the people. But still, that post and many of your other posts helped me get through a rough time in my life.

You see, when I first started my blog and got so much positive feedback, I was so proud of it I wanted to share it with the people I love. So I told my older brother about it. And you know what he said? He said, “I don’t want to read it. I’m glad it’s popular and doing so well, but I don’t want to read it”. I was so hurt. And today, I’m kind of glad he doesn’t read it because as we know I discuss real life issues here (the good, the bad, the dirty) and I’m not sure I would have wanted him to read all that. Still. That comment always hurt me.

Which is why that day you commented on my blog that you feel like a “proud big blog brother”, I was so happy. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe you or anyone else to give that title to. Sometimes, I can lose perception of what’s around me, and then you appear on my reader feed and you make me think! You are also one of my few readers that read every single post of mine! Every time I post something, I think to myself, “What is my big blog brother Paul going to say?”

Oh yea, I have added Chris to our family as well. It seems like you two are close and well, if you guys are brothers and I am your sister, that would make me his sister too. Does our family tree make sense? Okay fabulous!

Also I just want to say, I’m not speaking for myself when I say all of this. I am speaking on behalf of the blogging community. You have over 4,000 followers, and you respond to each of our comments!!! And exactly how many letters did you write when you came up with this idea? I think there were over 30 right? See. That requires dedication and we love that about you.

Lastly, I like how we sometimes listen to the same music. My Poker Face days are over, I love Lady Gaga’s new songs. Sometimes I will blast Perfect Illusion and shriek “IT WASN’T LOVEEEE IT WASN’T LOVEEEE IT WAS A PERFECT ILLUSION!”

I kid you not.

Just like your material, Lady Gaga’s stuff will always be relevant 🙂

Don’t forget our blogs are starting Kindergarten next month! Do you believe this??

They grow up so fast.



for everyone just tuning in please read A Letter to You!

5 thoughts on “A Letter to Paul

  1. I’m not crying you’re crying. Shaz! This might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever written me. I can’t stop smiling and laughing at picturing you screaming out those song lyrics. (That is a catchy line though). Oh and our family tree makes perfect sense. Man, I just keep scrolling up to re-read everyone again. This is the best. If you didn’t leave a comment on my blog back then, we wouldn’t be here today. It was all you, little blog sis! Thank you 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on The Captain's Speech and commented:
    Last year, I started a “thing” where I wrote letters to bloggers who requested one. Now, my first blog friend from four years ago is writing letters, too.

    This is Shaz and this is her incredible letter (I’m biased) to me.

    Please read it.

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