I Am Woman (Part 4)

So yesterday, I woke up with no cramps at all. I was excited to go out with my friends and catch the movie, “The Big Sick”. I am walking through my very crowded city that is full of Red Sox fans. When I get to the theater I see my friends looking frantic.

“What’s up guys?” I ask.

“IT’S SOLD OUT!” my friend Susan says.

“No way” I said.

“Look” she says pointing to the screen with all the movies. Holy moly. EVERY SINGLE MOVIE IS SOLD OUT.

Wow. I decided we would find something else to do. Some of my friends came from far away, so I couldn’t let them go home without doing anything!

We are sitting outside, with lots of Red Sox fans walking by and I’m reading reviews of local restaurants so we can choose one and go to it.

When all of sudden, a guy comes up to us. He doesn’t look like he’s from Boston, he looks like he needs directions.

“HI LADIES. SORRY TO INTERRUPT! But that’s my son over there, and he can’t stop looking at YOU!” he says pointing to me.

My eyes widen. And my friends look at me.

Of course Susan goes for it. “Isn’t she gorgeous?? She’s single!”

“Yes, she is beautiful!” the dad says. “Hey Jordan! Did you hear that? She’s single!” he says calling out to a shy boy who’s laughing.

I am mortified. But I stop searching restaurants. And take another look at Jordan. Jordan is fineeee.

“Hey Jordan!” I yell.

“Did you hear that? Hey Jordan!” the dad says with excitement. Jordan smiles.

Poor Jordan. He is taking it well but I can tell he’s mortified. He walks over to us and introduces himself.

We tell him where we’re going to school, and he says he just graduated from University of North Carolina and he’s going to physical therapy school soon. And that he and his family came up for the weekend to visit because they are originally from Boston.

“So why don’t you two exchange numbers?” his dad says.

Normally, I’d give a dude a fake number. But there’s something about Jordan. And thank goodness I keep my business card in my phone case where I can easily reach it.

“Here Jordan. Just take my card” his dad beams and so do my friends.

I hint to my friends we need to get going.

“It was nice meeting you ladies” his dad says. And then looking at me, “You are beautiful sweetheart. Take care” he says.

Uh huh yea okay bye. I gather my friends (who are howling obnoxiously at what just happened) and we walk to another street. I sit them down.


“Didn’t we tell you you’re gorgeous?” our friend Bree says.

I roll my eyes. “Noooo guys. I have a date with Chris in a few days. And one with the med student next weekend. We don’t have time for Jordan!”

“Shhh Shahz. Live a little. This is the only age where you can get away with stuff like this” Susan says. I look at her and give her a sympathetic smile. Susan is 52. A very unique woman working on her third Master’s degree.

“Fine Susan. I’ll do it just for you. But only if Jordan texts!” I say.

“That’s my girl!” Susan says.

We all laugh and find a burger place after an hour (every place we went to was full of Red Sox fans!). We get burgers and cupcakes and we are talking about our jobs, guys, and school. When a random number texts me.

“Hey Shahz! It’s Jordan (from the street!)”

Oh my.

My eyes widen. All my friends look at me.

“I’m gonna wait a bit” I say.

“Good” Susan says. We all laugh.

When I get home I text Jordan back. Jordan says he’s leaving in the morning but would love to see me and if I would like to get a drink. I look at the clock. It’s 10:30. Okay….

30 minutes later Jordan and I are out like long lost friends and we are drinking mojitos (that he paid for). We compare similarities. He has to eat gluten free (like me), he majored in a science degree (like me), and he has a good personality (like me).

He says he got an A in anatomy (how dirty). I got a D in that class. I don’t believe him.

“Point to any muscle” he says.

I point to a part of my wrist.

“Easy. That’s the flexor carpi radialis muscle” he says.

My jaw drops.

I flex my muscle on my arm (that I have been lifting and working hard for).

“Okay what’s this?” I say pointing to it.

His jaw drops. “Damn girl! That’s a bicep!”

We both laugh.

It’s so late and the bar is closing so he walks me home.

“Can I kiss you?” he asks.


“Ummmm” I say.

“I won’t tell anyone” he says.

“You won’t tell anyone what?” I ask.

“That I kissed you” he says.

Wow Jordan, we have bigger problems! I am not this kind of woman.

But there was Jordan and me. Kissing. Great.

I feel terrible for judging “Prince Player” for doing stuff like this in college. There’s something fun about going out with someone without any promises or expectations of a serious relationship.

Especially when you have been feeling like a pregnant whale for 4 days.

Oy ve. I am woman.

xoxo. S.


2 thoughts on “I Am Woman (Part 4)

  1. Hahahaha I was laughing so hard at the part where the dad came up to you. All I pictured as the son in the background looking horrified and then speed walking over when you called his name.

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