The Shaz Show…Any Takers?!?

Hello readers,

It is 3 am here in Boston. And I am not well. I have work at 8 in the morning, but I made the terrible mistake of reading my past blog posts and it has made me feel down. I was having a lot of fun with the “delete” button. Does this ever happen to any of you? No? Okay I will go back to sleep then :0

Now that I am working and not in school, I have more time to write and read.

So I would like to know 2 things.

1.) What more would you all like me to post about?? As many of you know this is a inspiration/humor blog so mostly I talk about my experiences in love, family, health, work, and school. Occasionally I throw in some beauty tips (stay tuned for one in the next few days!!). But am I missing something?? What is one thing you wished I wrote about but I did not?

2.) Last year I launched “The Shaz Show”. In the summer I ask some talented bloggers to guest blog for me. Do you believe in the purpose of my blog of talking about real life matters and/or making others laugh? I want to hear from you!

And if I can ever be a guest blogger for any one of you, please ask ๐Ÿ™‚ I am always honored to do so!




4 thoughts on “The Shaz Show…Any Takers?!?

  1. Write about things from before you started blogging! Any funny stories stand out that you would’ve written about had you had a blog at the time?

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