Where have I been?

I think my body has a blog clock- when I haven’t written in a month, it tells me I need to write. Just kidding. Actually, today, my good blogger friend Paul reminded me! He said, “Shaz! Where ya been? Hope you’re well!”

So here I am!

Where have I been?

I moped a bit. I have never felt SO happy after a break up. I guess “K” was really bringing me down that when I finally broke up with him, it was nice to not wait for someone or have my feelings hurt all the time!

But I moped for a second that “Prince Player” and I never worked out. I moped for a few minutes that I really adore the dentist that smiles at me every-time I pass him in the halls but I don’t have the courage to talk to him because he’s all over google and is better than me. I moped for a few days that the doctor from Harvard asked me out but I said no because, well, just because.

I moped that I’m growing up and I realize I have to figure out what I want instead of having all of these “temporary” relationships.

I went home for Spring Break. Ah, Texas was nice. One of my childhood friends got married and I got to wear a cute dress and go to his wedding. My whole family came with and we had a fun time. Unfortunately, because I had midterms the next week, I didn’t have too much fun outside of the wedding because I was studying :0

I had midterms. Please pray I did well on that one class I told you guys I had to retake. It’s not easy doing this at a grad-school level.

I’ve been working on a major research project. I am working on a research project developing an intervention to stop sexual assault and intimate partner violence in teens. Most of you know how I feel about this topic and I am so honored to be working with an amazing Professor and doing what I love.

I’ve been giving myself time to rest. I found out my Vitamin B-12 and D are low again! It’s making me very tired and achy.

I’ve been working. It’s recruitment season, and there’s no busier time than that for an ambassador.

I’ve been looking for an internship. Because I want to be prepared for the real world.

So that’s where I have been 🙂 I miss you all. Really.

xoxo. S.

8 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. For a second there, I read it as “I mopped a bit” and was about to tell you that wasn’t a sufficient excuse. Then I remembered how to read. Good to hear you got to spend some time at home, even if you had to study. Thanks for the update!

  2. I moped that I’m growing up and I realize I have to figure out what I want instead of having all of these “temporary” relationships.
    GAH! I could kiss your face. Me too. It’s hard. 🙂 Miss ya!

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