Don’t Play With Him

After the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, confirming my class schedule and taking classes I love, things were going really well. I fall in love with Boston more and more everyday. I love my school so much. And I have interviews for 2 different internships!

I’ve been busy lately because on top of 5 classes, I’ve been getting certified in Mental Health First Aid (I GOT CERTIFIED YESTERDAY!!)

3 of my good friends from last semester are in the class with me so they made these early Saturday mornings bearable. We talked about the topic of Valentine’s Day.

My Valentine’s Day was okay. “K” was busy as usual. He didn’t wish me until I wished him. He said we would go out on Friday and have a belated celebration.

Friday night came, and he was busy again. He said he could stay for an hour so he brought me pizza and wine. It was nice, but I wanted more.


But back to Friday, K says how he is always busy with his business and family. And that as soon as my certification class ends on Saturday, we will spend the whole day together. And actually go out to a nice restaurant like the one he took me to for my birthday.

I was excited. So my friends revealed they didn’t do anything special for Valentine’s day and asked me what I did. I explained how K was busy and how he’ll take me out as soon as our class ends.

“OOOO get it girl!” they said.

I looked down and tried to smile.

“Why don’t you look happy?” my friend Cristal asked.

“I don’t know. He’s so…flaky. He rarely keeps his promises. And he gets very jealous” I say.

“No. Don’t fuck with him” my other friend Melanie says instantly.

I laugh.

“What she means is, stop talking to him Shaz. You deserve better. We go to a school of dentists and doctors that stare at you constantly” Cristal says.

I sigh. “I know, I know. I’ll make my decision tonight depending on what he does”.

They shrug.

After the class, I text him. He says he may get held up.

I swallow. For some reason, I already know he won’t be coming so I don’t even shower. I nap and when I wake up, there are no texts from him.

I text him multiple times and see he’s read them, but no response.

Unbelievable. He doesn’t even say “sorry, I can’t make it”.

I go to sleep. Expecting something in the morning.

But nothing. I text him asking him to explain what happened last night. Maybe after a good night’s rest he will say sorry and that he can make up for it today.

But not. He says, “I told you I would get held up”.

I ask him if he plans to see me anytime soon. “Hopefully, when work slows down yea” he says.

What. the. absolute. fuck? My jaw drops. I feel sick.

I can’t do it anymore. That’s it. I’m done.

I remember what Melanie said, “Don’t fuck with him”.

For the first time. I do something I have never had the guts to do with a flaky guy.

stars“You know what. I can’t do this anymore. I’m loyal, I’m beautiful, and I’m smart. I deserve someone that will cherish that. Not someone that will make me beg and wait for his attention.”

I press send. He reads it. AND DOES NOT RESPOND.

And so there it was. I take it as a sign from God.

I block him from Snapchat. I block him from Facebook. I block him from WhatsApp.

Boy bye. My mom was right. I am too good for you.

xoxo. S.


17 thoughts on “Don’t Play With Him

  1. I wish you and I could have a chat about all the boys in our lives that parallel one another. I had the most absurd run in at the gym this pas week, I’ll have to post about it soon – when I’m ready to put it into words. xo!

  2. Yasssssssss Sass im loving it! Guys come a dime a dozen. He wasn’t the first cutie and he won’t be the last hun. I’m glad you know.

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