Self-Care Tips for the Lonely, Busy, and Anxious

It’s really hard to find time to de-stress when you are a busy, lonely, and anxious individual (hence the title of this post).

You all know I’m busy. From being a full-time graduate student taking 5 classes, working out 4x a week, and being an ambassador for the school…um…I pray things don’t get busier.

Unfortunately, when you leave college (and you move), you kind of lose your friends :0 You become too busy to socialize. I know this is sad. If you all end up working in the same city, this likely will not happen to you. But I, out of all my friends, was the only one to leave. Therefore, I am alone.

And ah. Anxiety. I’m anxious about my classes. I’m anxious about my boyfriend. I’m anxious about money. I’m anxious about my weight.

So, I present to you my list! A special exclusive list I ONLY made for people who are busy, alone, or anxious.

1.) Take a shower- I’m serious. Sometimes, if you get major anxiety, you can be in bed for so long that you forget this. But do it. It’s an instant pick-me up. And you’ll feel all fresh πŸ™‚

2.) Drink lots of water- This is especially important if you cried.

3.) Write it out- Sometimes, I make a list of what’s bothering me. And then I check it a week later, and I’m like- “No way. I was worried about that???” and smile that I overcame it.

4.) Exercise- This is one of those things you MUST make time for. If you have health, you have everything. So take a simple 30 minutes or so and get active.

5.) Talk it out- A friend, a family member, a mentor- it helps to get a second opinion.

6.) Take a walk outside- How does that old saying go? You need to “stop and smell the roses”? It’s true. Get some fresh air!

7.) Say “no”- So this is why I felt very depressed during undergrad. I ALWAYS SAID YES. When I suffered burn-out and couldn’t get out of bed one day, I learned the horrible horrible horrible side effects of being nice. Once I started saying “no”, I was surprised with how much less I had to deal with and how much more things I got to do for myself.

8.) Say “yes”- Okay and now I have contradicted myself. But in this case, I mean say “yes” to new things. If a friend wants to go to a concert, new restaurant, a game but you normally don’t like to be around too many people- go and check it out. You never know. You may have had a great time and made new friends.

selfAnd lastly, unattach yourself from social media until you feel better (YES I MEAN SNAPCHAT TOO). This is a silent killer. And I learned this the hard way. Absolutely NOTHING more important than you has happened while you were taking a break, and if it did- you’ll see it on the news.

What are your favorite self-care tips for when you just don’t have the time or energy? Comment below!

And if you are in the U.S (or you love football)- Happy Super Bowl Weekend! What an honor for me to finally be a Boston resident as the Patriots play πŸ™‚ Whatever I do tomorrow as part of celebrating the Super Bowl…will be included in my self-care hahaha. ❀

xoxo. S.

4 thoughts on “Self-Care Tips for the Lonely, Busy, and Anxious

  1. “…unattach yourself from social media”. Yes!! Taking time away from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc is one of my surefire ways to cure my loneliness or anxiety. Seeing people’s perky, perfect posts when I feel down only adds guilt or jealously or FOMO onto my pre-existing pile of negative emotions.

  2. I need to work on saying “no” more. That’s how I tend to end up on every committee, working for multiple departments, tutoring students, editing papers, grading for others, etc.

    My favorite self-care tip (that is relevant to the student life) is to spend at least a half hour a day doing something you love that is unrelated to school or work. For me that’s knitting or playing the violin. Even while I’m walking or working out or taking a shower, I am usually still in the school/work mindset (planning a paper, reading if I am on an exercise bike, thinking about whether or not I grade too harshly), so, I need to do something that requires focus unrelated to school everyday.

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