A Letter Back to Paul

The other day I had the amazing honor of waking up to a letter from my favorite blogger, Paul. Mind you I have waited for this letter for like 5 months. That’s like 2 seasons! I was so mad at Paul. He had this like “wait-list” where I was number 14, and then I became 17. Like it was already hard enough being “14” on the waiting list you know? You’d think being Paul’s best blogger friend, I would jump the line. Anyways, I did not. And Paul was very fair and square and I finally got my turn this past Thursday! You can read his letter to me right here A Letter To Shaz.

And now I can write Paul a letter!

Dear Paul,

It is so funny you told me not to pinch myself, because I kid you not, I had just woken up when I got the notification that you posted my letter and I seriously did think it was a dream. In fact, I have had many dreams that you wrote me my letter!!! So when I saw the notification, my eyes widened. If I wasn’t so sleepy, I would have began jumping. I had my Health Law midterm that morning so I was a bit nervous. But your letter gave me the energy to get moving!

It amuses me how long ago we met, and how we are still the best of blogger friends. Your post “I Miss School Already” really got me. And since then, I have met lots of people and had many accomplishments. Who would have known? Are you happy that your words touched a celebrity (me), Paul? You should be!

Giving recaps of my day is fun. It can be time-consuming (because as you said I list about 83 different things that happened) but you know what? I just love reading my own stuff lol! Whenever I’m at the airport, bus, or just bored- I read my blog as if it’s a novel and I’m like “Damn what a heroine that Shaz is. I wanna be her best friend”. And then I realize…I’m her lol!

I kid. No really. I honestly give so many personal details to inspire others like me. To show them that they too can do it and that although there will be sad days, there will be like 9 happy days to make up for it.

Yes, what a TV show my life is like. I love it. We need a title for this TV show!

I can’t believe I ever had a page called “Code Names for Guys”. I think I’m going to delete it soon :0 That list would be rather long now….

But, I can respond to a few of the people you mentioned in your letter!

Oh “Heart”. I’m not really sure what I ever saw in “Heart”.

“Prince Player”. Hmmm. Tough one. He probably caused me the most heartbreak, but taught me the most about relationships. But he is definitely no Hugh Hefner haha! Hugh Hefner is old and surrounded by beautiful women. Him, not so much. (Except me, I’m the only beautiful woman 🙂 ) Hahaha I kid!

Mr. Photography dude. You know sometimes I just think about calling him MPD. I chose this name for him because I hated how he would take pictures of me and I was so annoyed. And then it just stuck.

My life is really busy trust me. I just got out of a meeting with my Professor to discuss a big project I’m interested in doing about refugees and I’m about to go to night class. but I take small breaks between stuff like this to write 🙂

That Britney Spears moment always gets me. And oh my gosh. I wasn’t listening to Lady Gaga because I had just woken up, but I was listening to her right before I went to bed!!! Can you guess which song? I bet you’d get it right!

Finally, thanks for your kind words Paul I will keep fighting, I will keep growing, and I will keep following my dreams. And you better do the same! It is an honor to be your blogger friend.

You’ve inspired a lot of people including myself and you always know how to make us laugh.

With even more humor,



3 thoughts on “A Letter Back to Paul

  1. Wow is there is dust in the air, I think I got something in my eye…

    Congrats on the new relationship, I think it will go well, just be careful! I think I have a TV show title for you…”Shaz In The City”. Feel free to say that’s an awful name lol. As for the Lady Gaga song, I’m gonna go with Bad Romance or Perfect Illusion haha. Thanks for being a great blogger friend, Shaz! I hope we’re commenting on each others blogs for many years to come.

  2. Reblogged this on The Captain's Speech and commented:
    To quote the children’s show, Blues Clues: We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter. I wonder who it’s from?

    I wrote Shaz a letter a few days ago; this is her response to me. Read it with your eyes. Thanks!

    Also, Happy Pauloween to you and yours.

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