A Cinderella Story and Nice Guys

(this can also be referred to as Dating Part 4)

So after moping about “The Cellist”,things just kept going downhill. My classes got way harder. My health is weird again and I need to find a good doctor. And lastly, my mom has to have surgery 😦

I have never checked my phone so many times in one day.  I hoped and hoped “The Cellist” would respond to my text. Of course, he never did.

“Stop Shahz. A girl like you doesn’t have to wait around for anyone” Mr. Photography dude said.

He was so right. Just as I was feeling like crap, I met Yusef. Notice I’m using his real name! (Because he’s a normal person like me and not famous like “The Cellist”.)

Yusef is an engineer doing his Master’s at a nearby college. And. He’s Muslim! My mother would be so happy.

We bonded over the fact that our families are both in Houston and we are here for grad school. And that he’s an engineer and both my brother and dad are too. And. That we both have the biggest sweet tooth ever. Literally! I never met a guy that loves sugar as much as I do. So he asked me out. I said okay. He said he wishes he could see me sooner, but is only free during the weekend. I say that’s actually perfect for me.

So Saturday comes. And I am rushing to get ready. Because earlier in the day, I was applying for jobs. And I also had to go to the gym. I didn’t realize the gym was so far away so by the time I got back…I only had 30 minutes to get ready! Eep!

I don’t know how I did it but I managed to shower, shave, do my hair, and makeup in that time. I put on my favorite pink wrap around dress and heels.

I get a notification that a package has arrived for me. I wonder what it could be. It’s my Shakira perfume! Thank goodness. It’s like a sign from God that I should be absolutely perfect for Yusef. I spray it quickly.

When he texts saying he’ll be late. Okay good. That gives me more time to make sure everything is on point. When I’m done, I sit down to read Paul’s Canadian in Cleveland post. I missed so many of your guys’s post while grad school started. If that happens again, can you guys shoot me a quick comment being like “Hey Shaz. You missed this. Check it out. Love you- bye”? Okay great. Anyways, as I’m about to respond and write Paul a nice comment as us bloggers do, my date arrives 🙂 (Don’t worry Paul I left you a comment when I got back!)

So I go downstairs. He  hugs me and says it’s good to see me. He’s not hot like “The Cellist” but he is cute. And it doesn’t feel so uncomfortable when he hugs me.

“So are you ready for an adventure?” I ask.

He laughs, “Yea. Lay it on me”.

I wanted to go to this bakery all the Bostonians have been talking about. It’s a long walk though. I wanted to make sure he was okay with it. He’s a Taurus like my brother. They aren’t usually good with things like this lol. But he’s okay with it.

So we walk and we talk.

He says he’s concentrating in Management and I say I am too! We talk about how we both had to do a Myers-Brigg Personality Test this week.

“Oh my god let me guess” he says.

I laugh. “Go”.

“Well you’re definitely an E” he says.

“That is right”.

“S?” he guesses next.

I take a breath and wink. “Oooo no”.

“You’re an N? Really? Wow. Okay so next. F?”

I smile. “Yup”.

“And then…P?”

I look at him. “Damn you’re good!”

So then I guess his. INTJ. “Fuck, we’re almost polar opposite” I say laughing.

He laughs “Is that going to be a problem?”

“Mmmm you’re T is going to be bad. I’m an F. Which means you’re a Thinker and I’m a Feeler. I feel very deeply let me tell you” I say.

He’s also a Taurus. Every astrology book says that Taurus’s and Sagittarius’s are not compatible. But I’ll have to solve that puzzle myself.

He laughs. “I’m a huge nerd when it comes to this stuff”.

I could just hug him. “Believe me, me too” I say.

So we arrive at the bakery. I’m so happy to see his eyes light up like mine when we see the sweets. We make small talk with the cashier about how we can’t decide. I wonder if she can tell if this is our first date. Well, he decides on his treat. I take a while longer. But he is so patient. And I wonder why both he and the cashier are waiting for me to decide. And I remember, it’s so he can pay ❤ So I quickly decide. He pays and we sit down.

We talk about our families, our cultures, our religion, and our past relationships.

“Look. I think our religion can be so strict at times. I think as long as you’re a good person, you should be able to do what you want” he says in pertaining to dating and alcohol.

“Agreed” I say. “Why am I getting the vibe that you think I’m a prude?” I ask smiling.

He laughs. “Sorry. My last Muslim girlfriend was”.

I laugh. “Trust me. I am not”.

We stay quiet for a while.

“I’ve never had a Muslim boyfriend before” I say.


I nod. We talk more about our previous relationship. I tell him about “Prince Player”.

He laughs after I’m done with the story. “That sounds so scandalous”.

I laugh even more.

He says he wants to leave. I get so sad thinking our night is over, but, it was only beginning 🙂 He just meant he was tired of sitting. So was I. So we walked around the city and stumbled upon this beautiful giant fountain where everyone was watching the water fall.

We sit there and talk some more. And I find out. That he too had a yellow labrador retriever, with almost the same name as my yellow labrador retriever!! We freak out over that common fact too.

The fountain goes down. So we get up and walk again. As we walk, he puts his arm around me. He feels what I’m feeling. I feel it. When I see this lake with benches around it, I suggest we sit again.

So we do. His hands are interlocked in mine. And we hold it on my thigh.

Couples walk past us but it’s just us sitting on the benches.

He is so red from blushing.


“Sorry. It’s just been so long. Since I’ve been with someone like you” he says looking away.

I put my around him and smile. “It’s okay”.

He laughs to himself. “I’m so used to being a nice guy. And you know. Nice guys finish last”.

I rest my chin on his shoulder. “Yea, but they get the best”.

He shakes his head and laughs.

And he looks into my eyes.

I am not. About to be the girl that begins making out with a guy on the lake.

I turn my face away and see my phone light up.


“What?” he asks panicked.

“It’s almost midnight! Shit!” I get up.

“What? So? Do you have to be somewhere?”

I sigh. “No. It’s just. I’m supposed to call my mom. You know Arab moms. They want to know where we are. And I forgot to call her because I was getting ready for you. Fuck”.

He laughs. “Oh my god. Yea let’s go”.

I grab my purse. “This is like Cinderella. I gotta go. And next thing you know- I’m going to run and leave my shoe behind-”

“-and then I’m going to go around to every girl in Boston wondering which girl the shoe belongs to and is my Princess” he finishes.

I could just die. A guy that gets my Princess references. I smile and we hold hands all through the walk home.

When we see my apartment building I stop talking.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

“That’s my place. But. I don’t want this night to end” I say. “Look at all these couples holding hands and making out” I say.

He laughs. “I know”.

I bite my lip. “Okay. So. Here’s what we can do. We can quickly go up to my place, and you’ll kiss me goodnight. Or we can say goodbye and I’ll see you next weekend”.

He laughs. “I can’t believe you’d even give me a choice”.

Shit. “Oh my god you’re right. Sorry. Yea I’ll see you next weekend” I say.

He takes my hand back. “Wait Shahz no. Of course I’ll go with you”.

I smile. No way. When we get to my place he looks at me. I kiss him. And he kisses back.

He smiles. “I guess you were right”.

“About what?” I ask my nose touching his.

“Nice guys get the best girl” he says.

No kidding.

(to be continued).

xoxo. S.


8 thoughts on “A Cinderella Story and Nice Guys

  1. Alright, I forgive you for ditching my blog post for a guy. No worries. First date, I get it. I’m over it. Haha actually it explains why you commented saying you would go read it right away and didn’t comment until the next day. Almost had me thinking you hated the post lol. I’m happy for you! Any guy you don’t need an alias for to write about sounds like a good guy to me. Don’t worry too much about the polar opposites thing. That’s probably what people mean when they say they’ve found their “other half”. Just something who is the things they aren’t etc.

  2. The last time I went on a date was just over a year ago. It’s not something I ever blogged about because the girl in question happens to, on occasion, read my blog and I’m pretty sure there’s no amount of adjusting the story that would make her think I was talking about someone else or a different date. The girl I went out with determined that we were dynamic opposites. “Great,” I said, “I knew I was gonna find a way to screw this up.” It became a running joke for the rest of the evening. We had a great time. I actually thought it was going to go somewhere. Until she called me the next day out of the blue and gave me the “we should just be friends” speech. We actually are friends, but a year later I’d still like something more. They say opposites attract. Turns out that only works if both parties are attracted. Personality types shouldn’t be the end all of what makes a relationship work. You can be opposites or you can be the exact same. If both people want to make it work, they make it work.

  3. This is really sweet. I haven’t had a first date like this in a long long time lol.

    Check out my blog when you get a chance. mybrianabutler.com -xo Bri

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