I seriously need to set up a time to write and read. Grad school is no joke. I have no time to even check Snapchats anymore! I miss you guys so much.

The grad school chronicles have continued. This week’s major dilemmas was trying to get accommodations for my ADHD/learning disability, dating, and dealing with my never ending period.

“I’m afraid your undergrad accommodations don’t transfer over and you will have to get the tests redone to prove your diagnosis” the director says reading through the paperwork my psychologist and I worked hard to put together.

My jaw drops. Testing takes forever! And getting a testing date takes forever!

She feels bad for me. “I will clear you for this semester and give you accommodations. But before next semester begins, I need more information”.

I thank her a hundred times. That was really nice of her. My undergrad institution would not have done that.

After I get out of that meeting, my phone is blowing up with texts. From different guys.

Yes, I have decided, I’m going to start dating.

Do you believe this?

I thought a lot about what “Prince Player” said a few months ago. About how I’m acting like a princess and can’t call him  a player just because he doesn’t want to have a relationship with me. Obviously, none of that is true.

But. He has a point. I should not get depressed or anxious over him. Or his desires to be with other women. It’s his life and his absolute right to do it.

I should just. See other men.

I didn’t even think about it. Until I met quite a lot of boys this week who were interested in me. Each gave me their number/asked me out on a date.

fullsizerender8I’m not sure how this happened. Oh wait yes I do. I am a very attractive, smart, and funny girl.

I feel like how “Prince Player” did in his first week of undergrad. What was I expecting? New city= lots of new people.

And like I said before, I would like somebody. It’s Fall and Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are great, but I need someone to keep me warm and watch the leaves fall with. And someone, that takes my mind off the books. But not too much off the books. And as much as I want that someone to be player, it won’t be.

Plus my mother has started telling me to “find a husband” before she does it for me. So. There’s that.

So I talked to all these boys and I narrowed it down to two. I am not a player okay. First, we had “Yale”. Note: I was totally going to use their real names but both are very well known in Boston and I can’t. Anyways, “Yale” is amazing. He is a mathematician from London, who got a scholarship to go to Yale, and now works at a certain Ivy League here in Boston. What I loved about him is instead of jumping straight to my looks, he asked me what got me interested in public health. And we had a long discussion about it.

Mr. Photography dude had a field day. “Pay up” he said looking at Sidekick on FaceTime. “I told you she was going to meet some guy from an Ivy League in the first week”.

I laugh. But after “Yale” gave me his number and told me text him to set up a day for our date…he never responded!

“Whatever. You have like 4 other guys and the rest of Boston anyway” Mr. Photography dude says when I update him.

I laugh. “But he’s the most successful!” I say.

“Well have fun with the other 4 and get with him when he comes around” he says.

I shake my head. “Oh my god you’re awful” I say.

So then, when I went to an event to mope, I met “The Cellist”. I was telling my friends that “Yale” probably didn’t like me because I’m short and he’s tall. When “The Cellist” comes up to me and says “I like petite girls”.

Okay then.

And so I just had to say, “And I like musicians” .

The Cellist is from Palestine. He is an amazing cello player. He got a full-ride to attend a certain well known music school here. And he is all over Youtube. One of his videos has 2 million views.

Again I wonder, how in the world I got two amazing men to be interested in me. And Ifullsizerender9remind myself I am very attractive, smart, and funny.

Unlike, “Yale” the cellist keeps texting me and checking up on me. He actually wants to take me out and already has a place in mind.

Oh my.

I tell Mr. Photography dude.

“Do you have a thing for Palestinian musicians?” he asks laughing.

Oh yea. “Heart”. and Harris. I swallow. “I have a thing for Palestinians. And I have a thing for musicians. Let’s just put it at that” I say.

“This one’s famous though. Wow” Mr. Photography dude says watching one of his videos.

“How will I tell my parents I fell in love with a musician? They won’t like that.”

“Easy. See if you even like him first. And keep in mind he is a legit musician and has a good education and job.”

I nod. “His name sounds Muslim. But he could not be one, like “Heart” I say.

“There ya go. There’s your second dilemma. Find that out too”.

I take a deep breath. I haven’t been out on a date in a long time. I was in for a ride these past two days.

(to be continued)

xoxo. S.


4 thoughts on “Dating

  1. Hahaha I’m fairly certain I told you a few months ago that come September you would meet new guys and have a new set of nicknames to use in your blog posts. I feel like a proud blog brother.

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