Grad School

Wow. The first week of grad school was…intense. You may have noticed from my lack of presence on here! I promise after I finish this post I’m going to catch up on all your blogs πŸ™‚

Thanks again to Aaron for taking over for a day when I was gone! At the rate of my studies are going so far, I will need more guest bloggers!

I slept maybe an hour the night before leaving for Boston. I was excited and nervous. My mom had me call all my relatives and let them know I’m leaving. We joke about how if they lived here, all 40 something of them would be over. When my alarm went off the next morning, I was like one of those kids that get excited for the first day of school. I did my makeup and quickly made sure I had all my luggage. And then it was time for goodbyes. My mom was coming with my to the airport but my dad had work in a few hours so he was sleeping. I kiss my dad’s cheek. “This is the start of a new journey for you, be good and do well” he says. Then we pray. I usually cry during this part, but this time I was good. And then it’s my dog, she gives me her paw and makes me scratch her ear. She has a really bad ear infection and I remind my mom she needs to give my baby her ointment everyday. My mom laughs and says she will.

On the way to the airport I notice “Prince Player” is awake too. He had a flight too. We begin chatting and he keeps me company. When I reach the airport, my mom says she’s really proud of me and I can do this. I kiss her goodbye and thank her for everything.

The flight is really long. 4 hours! I slept a little, got anxious about school a little, ate a little, and finally we arrived. When we arrived I took a taxi to my apartment and that’s when the series of stressful situations begin.

There I was, excited to see my first own apartment. When my key got stuck in the lock!!! MY KEY GOT STUCK. After a long day and moving all my stuff upstairs, I just want to get the stuff in my room and sleep! But no. I call the maintenance office. They say they will send someone. That someone arrives after 10 minutes and can’t open it either…And so he calls the locksmith. The locksmith arrives another 15 minutes later.

“It’s your first day and you got your key jammed?” he jokes with me.

Yea, no kidding.

Until he can’t do anything either. Finally her puts some WD 40 and does some other things and viola, my apartment door has opened! I walk inside. It’s great. It has a beautiful view of the skyline. Ahhhh. But…where is my bed? I call the furniture company who was supposed to come then. They say they are busy and will stop by in 3 hours. Ahhh. So i pass out on the floor.

Eventually the bed gets delivered, but still I can barely go to sleep because I’m so excited for school. Well I should have saved my energy, because the next 4 days, I was in for a roller coaster.

On Tuesday, my first day, I dress up all cute and take lots of first day of school pics. Good thing I dressed up because everyone was dressed up! I met so many people different than me who are not coming directly from undergrad but from jobs like being a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist, a teacher, a businessman and more! Some are married, some have kids. I quickly get the nickname “baby”. I get a response from one of the pictures I sent Prince Player about it being my first day of grad school. “You’ll do great babe” he has responded. Aw. I smile. Hey Aaron did you and player both have a convo about me? Both of you told me “you’ll do great!”. No? Okay. On with the story! I tell player how everyone is older than me. “Haha yea” he says. He’s a grad student too, he gets it.

Anyways, the rest of the day I have to visit hospitals, community health centers, and restaurants doing projects. It was like this all week 9-5. And I have to commute so it was more like 8-6. I passed out everyday after I got home.

But on Friday, I was in for a real treat. My brother and dad came to visit! My brother coming was great. But my dad coming was an even bigger deal. He had a big business trip in New York and I knew he was exhausted. It made me giggle as he took calls outside my apartment in his suit. Poor dad. Coming all the way here after a long week just for me.

So they helped me put together my furniture and we were on our way out to explore Boston and eat dinner. When I notice I don’t have my ID card on me. WHERE DID IT GO??? My  ID! I need my ID because it has my money on it and it is access into my building. Oh shit. My bother, dad, and i search all over the building. In my room, in the elevator, everywhere. I call the ID office who say they are open for another hour and I can go buy a new one.

Alright. Well. I’ve never been on this campus. So we walk in circles trying to find the ID office. This place that is only 6 minutes away from me takes us 40 minutes to find.


Once there, I am told I have to pay $40 for a new ID.


After I get it, we are all happy.

And then I randomly check my email where the leasing manager has told me that another resident found my ID in the elevator and they have it for me to pick up.

Great. 40 minutes and $40 gone.

My brother shakes his head. “Try not to lose your ID in the first week of school loser”. My dad smiles sympathetically at me.

We go to a restaurant for dinner and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I feel so stupid and tell my dad I’ll pay for it.

“Nah don’t worry about it.”

I almost begin to cry. “No I don’t want you to pay for my stupid mistake”.

“You act like nobody has ever made a mistake. This is your first week in a new city and a new school. Stop it”.

I smile. But I can’t let it go. So I do end up paying for it and place my ID in the inner most pocket of my purse and vow to always keep it there and not on a lanyard.

At the hotel, my brother and my dad pass out immediately. They’re both tired from work. I try to do the same but I feel a horrible cramp. A few minutes later, I realize why. My monthly gift has decided show up at the most inconvenient time. And hello! IT’S THREE WEEKS EARLY!! Is that even possible?? I have no pads and no tampons. I call my mom. She says it must be all the excitement and anxiety from moving and school. I go to the hotel concierge where I ask if there is a place I can buy toiletries.

The female receptionist asks me “what kind”. I swallow and quietly say “a personal toiletry” so the male receptionist does not hear. She raises her eyebrows and opens a drawer. “I’m all out but there’s a CVS a mile that way”.

Oh my. I feel like my cramps will make me drop on the floor any minute, I can’t walk anywhere!

And then the male receptionist tells her, “just go look in the back”.

And a few minutes later, she returns with two tampons and two pads.

“God bless that man” my mom says.

Yes. God bless.

I go to sleep and thank God that it’s at least the weekend so I can rest up the cramps and tiredness. My brother and dad leave the next morning and they remind me to work hard. I tell them I will.

FullSizeRender(2)I see Harris and “Heart” watching all my Snapchat stories and seeing all my posts on social media but not saying anything. It bothers me. And then it doesn’t.

Because I am in grad school. This is my dream. And I won’t let any obstacle in health, education, finances, or love stop me.

xoxo. S.




8 thoughts on “Grad School

  1. Well, now that you’ve gotten all the hurdles out of the way in the first week, there won’t be any more problems! Unless you ordered a second bed for yourself and it is also 3 hours late. Man now I’m dreaming of having two beds. I’ll be quiet now. πŸ™‚

    • I NEVER SAW THIS COMMENT PAUL!!!!! Oh my gosh was legit going through old posts to see if I have kept my promises and found this. I did not order a second bed πŸ™‚ But yea, there were no more problems. Everything was awesome from then on out!!

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