A Moment Before I Go…

Dear readers,

I wanted to take this time to say…bye for now. And by “bye” I mean a week. Or until something funny/miserable happens in Boston and I need to share it with you all. That’s13173804_814105715391933_8374924321319640553_n actually why I’m leaving you for a bit, next week I move into my little studio and begin orientation! I’m excited and nervous.

These past three months of summer have been stressful because of all the planning I had to do to prepare for this new chapter in my life. Endless resumes, apartment hunting, missing my friends. That sums it up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how in the world I will find a job, balance a full time job (if that is what I get) with school, commute 45 minutes back and forth to classes, and how I will make new friends and get over old ones.

The answer right now is, I don’t know. But I’ll do the best I can. And I will try not to break. Here are some things I have learned and hope to remember during tough times.

1.) What someone thinks of you is their business, and not yours. Thot. Princess. Fussy. These are the words people referred to me as. And I frankly, do not give a damn.

2.) There is only one person you should be competing with, and that is yourself. Most of my friends that graduated with me already have $60,000 starting salary jobs. I’m jealous. But I know I have a dream of having the letters MP and H next to my name. And goodness, I will not let anything stop me from that.

3.) Never apologize for how you feel. Be sad if you want to be sad. Be upset if you want to be upset. Be happy if you want to be happy. Life is too short to constantly defend the way you feel.

4.) There is a time for love and babies. A lot of my friends got married or pregnant this summer. My relatives keep asking me when I’ll do the same…Again. Hello! I want a guy. I want a mini-me.  But then again, it’s not time for me yet. When it’s my time, it’s my time. And I will celebrate. But right now, it’s time to further my education.

5.) Boys will come and boys will go. Their loss, not yours. Every time some guy leaves my life, I am an emotional wreck. Us Sagittarius women feel deeply. And I feel. When I ache, I ache bad. I don’t think this will ever change, but something I can change is my attitude towards it. Whenever someone leaves, I say to myself, “Oh it’s because I was too this, or too that”. When in reality, I was just fine. giphy-facebook_s

6.) You’re worth a lot more than a hook-up. So try not to do that again. Please.

7.) Your friends and family are still only a minute away. I miss all my Chicago friends so much. But in today’s world of Snapchat, FaceTime, and Skype… I know I can see them when I want to ❤

And lastly…

8.) I’m only 22. I have barely seen the world. I need to forgive myself for the stupid things I do. I need to learn from the stupid things I do.

And so that’s that 🙂 Farewell for now readers. Our good friend Aaron at Peckapalooza will stop by to do a guest post as I anxiously move in and participate in orientation. Do send letters (and some cookies). And I’ll post when I can!

xoxo. S.

8 thoughts on “A Moment Before I Go…

  1. I’ve been following and reading your blogs for a long time. If I were your parent I’d say, I’m proud of you, your growth and how you’ve learned to kept it moving. Keep doing your thing.

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