15 of the Most Memorable Things People Told Me In College

“Why should I, or what anyone else says, matter to you?”-Dad. Applause for my father. One time when my dad got into another heated argument about my major, and I got offended, he asked me this. And I was dumbfounded. I never cared what anyone else said, why should I start now?

“You call yourself a princess, and frankly, you’re acting like one”-the lovely Prince Player. Oy vey. The highlight of my Senior year. Talk about a wake-up call. Well. It’s true. When I first started this blog I wrote under the pseudonym “Sass Princess” to cover up who I was. I got the idea 13151503_810670489068789_7609353300163888535_nfrom my actual name, that means “Princess” in Arabic. I hate that my parents decided to name me something that others believe means “spoiled”. But if you pay attention to the fairytales, princesses are the ones that fought lots of enemies and battles to get where they are. They were resilient. And that’s why I called myself that. As for acting like one….Well. I don’t think so. I was loyal. I admit, I’m a little too loyal and selfish when it comes to people I care about. I’m sorry ❤ Thank you for reminding me.

“Okay…so why should that stop you?”- Heart reminding me I was a fighter when my thyroid decided to stop working normally. I started gaining weight, my hair was thinning, he didn’t care. He encouraged me to keep going to classes, volunteer, dance, continue doing my performances, run my club, and be the badass President I am.

 “I don’t know you too well, but I can tell you’re really strong and try your hardest to make everyone smile. That you for that. You’re selfless attitude inspires me!” one of the girls “Prince Player” hooked up with. No kidding. Thank you for reminding me.

“It’s not the end of the world”- Heart when he broke up with me the third time. Sigh. Everyone that knows me well knows that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I easily let people into my life, and when they leave- I become a sensitive monster. This was Heart reminding me that it’s just a break-up. Thank you for reminding me.

“You don’t know what you want because you spend so much time giving it to others”- my roommate. During undergrad, I devoted 90% of my time to others. And I forgot all about myself and what I wanted. After a long day or week, I would rely on the people I love to give me the love I gave others (does that make sense?) But then I realized, that’s not really going to happen. I don’t think I should stop helping others (as it is my life passion), but I think I should give to myself a little bit more. Thank you for reminding me.

“You don’t know, what you don’t know”- Z. Holy. Shit. I have never hear something so real, something so true no matter what context you take it in. Thank you for reminding me.

“Stop crying. It’s okay”- Z that one time Heart did what he did. Sigh. Only best friends can say something like that to you and make you believe it. She finished this quote with “Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it together. And when I find out whaFullSizeRender(2)t that Heart did to you, I will seriously dig his grave”. I love her to pieces.

“I hope your next lover takes you dancing, takes lots of pictures with you, and does everything else Bruno Mars said in “When I Was Your Man”!- Mr. Photography dude when I told him about my ideal lover. Thanks for hoping for me.

“Stop saying that. You can’t just leave!” Prince Player when I told him I’m moving to Boston and never coming back to Chicago. For once, I believed him.  Like how do you leave a place that you called home for TWELVE years?!? Thank you for reminding me.

“There is love in holding on, and there is love in letting go”- Yasmeen. I got into graduate school at the university I did my undergrad at as well. If I accepted their offer, I could have stuck around in Chicago for an extra year or two. But I knew I had to go. I gave so much to Chicago. Really. All of my heart, all of my love. It’s time to spread my love in Boston. Thank you for reminding me.

“I knew you could do it. You were always a smart cookie!”- my math teacher from high school when I told her goodbye and shared the news about BU. Thank you for reminding me.

“You are perfectly, imperfect”- Harris. I am a perfectionist to the point it could kill. It took a lot of friends and colleagues like Harris to show me that there are just some things I can’t be perfect at, and that is 100% okay. Thank you for reminding me.

“Failure is the first step to success”- my mama. Hell yea my mama was right!!! (read below). Thank you for reminding me.

“I did good” myself. I battled ADHD. I battled FullSizeRender(2).jpganxiety. I lost weight. I gained weight. I lost friends. I was betrayed. I was heartbroken. But. I was resilient. I excelled in one of the most difficult majors. I graduated on time. I almost graduated with honors. I won a plaque with my name on it for my outstanding service and leadership. I got into the 10th best graduate program in the country for my field. I’m so proud, and I pray my hard work will continue paying off.

I still can’t believe I’m done with undergrad. Every day, as I write and prepare for my next big move, it gets a tiny bit easier.

26 more days!

xoxo. S.

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