5 Things People Do on Snapchat That Give Me Anxiety

FullSizeRender(27)When you open my snap, but don’t respond. Was it something I said? Or snapped?

When we’ve been snapping for days/weeks but that little heart (that notifies you of that) next to your name disappears when you stop snapping me. I sense a breakup coming…

When I open my phone to see it loaded with updates…but it’s 5 snaps in a row from you of things that don’t pertain to our relationship. I watch your Snapchat story for those love.

When you watch my Snapchat story, and act like you didn’t see it. Snapchat does not lie.

When I or you find out your/my “big news” on Snapchat. Since when does Snapchat replace a heartful conversation?? Call me fool.

But then there’s things out of our control.

Like when we want to watch our friend’s story, but the update causes you to watch the next person’s story as well as it automatically plays next… Oh my god no!!! I don’t want to know what they’re up to!! HALP!!!

And then there’s the nice things.

Like when I’m sick and you offer to bring me soup. Oh you ❤

Like when I’m about to do a big show and I snap about my nerves and you send me words of encouragement. Oh you ❤

Like when I’m sad and you send me pics of quotes that lift me up. Oh you ❤

Like when I do my “Snapchat Vlogs” thinking I’m some celebrity and you comment on how hilarious it was. Oh you ❤

Out of all social media platforms, Snapchat is my favorite. My dream is to become a Snapchat star. I’m serious. Maybe. Anyways…what do you like/dislike about Snapchat? Comment below!

xoxo. S.

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