The Last Weekend of Undergrad

And there it is. Tomorrow begins the last week of undergrad. I don’t know where my 4 years went, and as I try to figure it out, I’m a whirlwind of emotions.

I guess it all started last week when player came over. And I woke up the next morning in the dress and make-up I was in the night before :0 It was fate (like so many times I bump into him). And then the net morning, I went home to Texas. On the way there, I had a layover in Minneapolis- home to Sidekick’s family. And he and Mr. Photography dude were heading up there for Memorial Day. So I got to be on the same flight as them and spend time with them (another moment of fate!)

“Wow. You must have had a wild night last night” Mr. Photography dude says when I open my door in my gala dress. I roll my eyes and tell them to make themselves at home while I go change.

In the plane we watch Trainwreck and they make comments about how I’m like Amy Schumer’s character- this is so untrue! But I’m flattered because she makes me laugh and I just love her.

So this past week was fine. Memorial day weekend gave me time to relax and find a dress for graduation.

And then the weekend came. I got free tickets to go see a famous Arabic band as Harris was opening for them.

As soon as we step out of our Uber, Mr. Photography dude turns to me.

“Shaz, look”.

I turn around. Heart’s waving at me. Fuck.

Of course he’d be here, he’s Harris’s best friend. I wave back. He looks good, surrounded by many girls.

The line to see Harris and the band is long. It goes out the door and into the streets!

At one point Harris comes out. I quickly go up and talk to him, and am outnumbered by so many girls from our rival clubs who get all over him.

I go back to my place in line. When he is left alone, he’s about to go backstage but I pull him back- and snap a selfie with him 😉 All the girls watch. I don’t care, I knew Harris before he became famous!

An hour later, they let us in. Harris sets up, and 30 minutes later he begins singing.

Oh. my. goodness. Can Harris sing.

Everyone is dancing and shouting his name in joy.

How come he has never sang like this at our events. Where has he been hiding??

“Heart” stands in the front row and acts like he’s Harris’s hypeboy as he begins pumping up the crowd at various times.

I roll my eyes and continue to be mesmerized by Harris’s voice. My jaw keeps dropping. He looks at me occasionally as he sings.

Mr. Photography dude observes. “Well well well. Looks like you’ve finally fallen for him”.

I snap back into reality.

“Fuck off” I say laughing. When the main band comes, I’m so tuned out. Harris was good enough for me.

I go get a cocktail. As I’m sipping, Harris comes back. Before I can think, many girls go to him and begin taking pictures. Ugh.

“Just make your way through” Mr. Photography dude says. “You’re his main ho” he says winking.

I almost choke on my cocktail. I laugh and shake my head.

Harris slips away again.

So I go back to dancing. A while later, out of the corner of my eye, I see him standing alone. He looks at me.

Finally, I go on over to him. I pull him to me, before any girl gets him. “I love you. What the fuck? You can sing!!!” I say.

He laughs and asks me if I’m enjoying my self. I say yes. And begin taking more selfies with him. He laughs at me.

Then some girls notice he was the lead singer and take him away from me. Christ.

When the show finally ends I start saying goodbye to my friends. I suddenly end up between “Heart’s” circle. He comes up to me.

I act cool as he hugs me. “Hey! How are you?” we both say at once.

We laugh. “You’re leaving!” he says.

“Yea….” I say giving him my best fake smile.

He asks me when I’m leaving and I tell him.

Then we separate. And I go home.

When I woke up yesterday, I had a migraine and felt sick to my stomach. The “I’m 13237841_823252484477256_7533822548913518988_ngraduating” blues have kicked in- and the night before made it worse. I wish I could have spent more time with “Prince Player”, because we have a good connection. I wish I would have met Harris, before “Heart” because he seems more genuine and a better match for me. I wish I would have listened when “Heart” said he’ll fix me with Harris because even he thought he was a better match for me! I wish I didn’t steal Harris’s position on board. I wish I could stay here over the summer.

But I can’t…

Because I’m in the my last week, and am leaving Chicago for good next Tuesday.

Oh and Muhammad Ali passed away, so there’s that.

And I’m supposed to be meeting “Prince Player” for drinks tonight but I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten by now- so there’s also that.

xoxo. S.


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