In Love and Galas

I wake up Friday morning in my dress from the night before. I try to remember everything that happened…and smile when I do. And then I rush to get ready for my flight!!

Thursday was a big day. It was gala day. I helped organize it with a few other club leaders. On the morning of, I get several requests to cancel it considering the tension on campus. I say no on account of many people were looking forward to this event. And the show must go on.

So it ends up happening. I put on my lovely orange dress- not many people can pull off orange, but I do ❤ I dance with many people at the gala and say goodbye to a few friends. It’s fun. Afterwords, I head to an after-party at one of my friends places. I follow them out and as I’m talking to them, I see a guy stare at me. I ignore it and walk with my friends. When we reach my friends place, I get a text.

I almost drop my phone. It’s “Prince Player” :0

And then I realize, he was the guy!!! Oh hell. I ask him if that was him…who was staring at me. He says he saw me walking out and to “be safe lol”. Oh my god. I tell him to hold on.

I quickly say “hello” to all my friends at the party and then “bye” just as quickly. I can drink with them anytime, but “Prince Player”? Oh god knows how many times I will be able to see him before I leave.

So I stumble on back to the student center in my heels. I make my way to “Prince Player”, he gets up when he sees me.

“Oh my god, you came back-” he begins.

I push my finger into his chest. “First of all. If you see me, can’t you like say hi or something?” I say.

“What? I thought you would see me and-”

I touch his face. He shaved his beard. No wonder why I didn’t recognize him.

And then I give him another piece of what’s on my mind. “You said, you would come over and we would get drunk last weekend. And we never did” I say.

“See about that-” Prince Player begins.

I shut my eyes and prepare for the worst. Why oh why does he do this to me.

“-it just slipped to the back of my mind. I forgot” he says.

I exhale. “Oh” I say.

“That’s what you wanted me to say right?” he asks all of a sudden.

I try not to let my jaw drop. Why is player playing games with me.”It’s the truth right?” I ask getting close to him.

He doesn’t answer. He changes the subject and ask where I was and where I’m going. I tell him I’m just going to go home.

“Oh you want me to walk you?” he asks.

I smile. And look down.

“Wait but you looked like you were going somewhere” he says.

“I did” I say. “And now I’m back”.

He smiles and gathers his stuff.

As we walk we jump from one topic to another. I tell him I was planning to stay for the Summer for my internship with the Governor, but how now I’m actually most likely leaving after graduation. “Why?” he asks.”Um…nothing!” I say quickly.
I barely change the subject and he says, “You’re leaving and we’ll never see each other again”. It makes me so sad I feel like I’m going to cry so I change the subject again.

As we walk I get a text from Mariam. She has decided to pull out from the election. HOLY SHIT. The only person who is the candidate for President. Why now? 😦

I ignore it. I’ll take care of it later. I put my phone away, now is not the time for politics.

I grab player’s hand because I’m feeling very cold in my orange sleeveless, mini dress. He doesn’t pull it away and we laugh as we continue walking.

When player and I get to my place, I tell him what my roommate asked. About whether or not he knows about Boston (obviously now he does). And about how I got upset over it.

“Why?” he asks laughing.

“God I don’t know! Because I’m leaving you and everybody and it all just makes me so emotional!” I tell him.

We both laugh.

As I try to put my stuff down I feel player’s arms around my waist. I turn around and everything happens so fast. I will miss this about player. Our connection. We have so much Chemistry…more than my Chemistry textbooks contain I swear.

It makes me sad. So I turn away from him. I don’t usually like laying down with him, but today, I don’t mind. Because I realize I’m leaving soon and won’t get to lie with him much more.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

I sigh. “Nothing” I say.

“Did I do something?” he asks.

“No” I laugh.

“You just seem sad” he says.

I sigh. “Well it’s not because of anything you did” I say.

He reads my mind. “Is it that you’re leaving soon?” he asks.tumblr_m9ky28lpTf1qjck12o1_500

I turn to him and nod.

He pulls me closer. “Yea…we’ve been through a lot these past four years”.

I smile. I don’t know why it makes me smile. Maybe the fact that he agrees with me that we’ve been through a lot these past four years.

“I don’t know what you saw in me” he says.

I shake my head. “Stop” I say. I hate when people say that, it’s an insult to me because I believe everyone I establish a relationship with is meant to be in my life for a reason.

“And now we’re going to get our Master’s degrees and be big people. All those haters-” he continues.

“I have a lot of haters” I burst out.

“Me too” he says.

And it makes me smile again. I like how we think we’re so different, but are actually similar in more ways than one.

He twirls a strand of my hair on his finger. He asks me about what I think was our most romantic moment together. I think about that time he came to see me during a huge snowstorm, and that time he came to see me after Christmas break. I’m about to answer his question when he says-

“I think it was that time we had that snowstorm.”

My jaw drops. How do we keep thinking the same exact things??

And then he adds, “Also the time we came back from break, but then I said all those things-”

I stop rubbing my fingers across his arm. “Yea don’t remind me. I’m still not over all of that” I say.

We laugh. And then think back to our last time together.

“Last time was nice too. I’m glad we made-up” Prince Player says.

I don’t get how player can read my mind. But it makes me smile that he keeps doing that.

“There’s this bar above my place. We should go there….Sunday? Are you free? I know you have finals”. Prince Player says continuing to play with my hair.

I smile and tell him I’m free. Wow. Does player feel bad about last week? Or is he really enjoying this moment with me? I tell him I would love that. Hopefully he keeps his word this time.

When we lay down again, player says “I know you don’t like this. So we can do something else”.

I turn to him. “I just don’t feel special when we do this” I say.

“Why because I’ve done this with 40 other girls?” Prince Player asks sarcastically.

I look away. “Yea try again” he says.

I look him deep in the eye. I kiss him. And then he kisses back. He is so under my skin and all of a sudden, everything feels like it came out of some Nora Roberts novel. I feel all this blood in my cheeks.

“I think we’ll leave it at this for this week” player says clearly feeling it too.

I stand up and suck in my cheeks. For once I am so okay with that. “Yea” I say.

We say goodbye and he leaves.

As soon as he leaves. I collapse on my bed. What. was. that?? Oh my god, I feel like-

There’s a knock at my door.

I pull myself off of cloud nine and walk back to my door. It’s Prince Player again. He forgot something. He gets it and I smile at him (like I wasn’t smiling before when he left). He looks back as he leaves, oh he feels it too. When he shuts the apartment door, I shut the door to my room.

And that’s when I pass out in my orange, sleeveless, mini dress. Out of happiness.

I really hope the next 1 week and a half is everything I want it to be. In love and galas.

xoxo. S.


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