2 Weeks

“Maybe he has a zit” Mr. Photography dude says.

I raise my eyebrows and begin laughing. After having a great few days celebrating my commitment to BU, everything changed on Tuesday.

On Tuesday a protest broke out at my school.It divided us into two. I have been asked my opinion on the issue several times being the President of one of the largest cultural groups on campus. I have declined to speak. My members have been actively participating in one side of the protest and I am in a knot.

Everyone is either very upset, or trying to spread love over campus during this time. But most people are upset and it’s rubbing off on me.

I sit in the quad before night class and whine about how I’m leaving in two weeks and “Prince Player” oh so lovingly said we could hang out last week but we never did. And he hasn’t spoken to me since we last hung out! And I’m going out of town this weekend so he better not have thought we could hang out this weekend!

“Maybe he has a zit.”

(Now we’re back to where this post begin.) I raise my eyebrows and look at Mr. Photography dude and laugh.

“What? The only reason why you ever avoid seeing a guy is because you have a zit…” he says.

I laugh, I can barely control my laughter.

62971-Love+quotes+time+togetherAfter I pull myself together, I finally speak. “It’s fine. We can hang out a 1,000 times and I sill won’t be ready to say goodbye” I say. “Same with ‘Heart’. Oh my god I can’t do that one. You do that one for me okay?” I say.

One of our friends walk by and comes my way. “Congratulations Shaz!” she says kissing me on the cheek.

With all the anger going on campus these past few days, I’m confused as to what she is congratulating me on.

“Can you believe this girl is leaving us for Boston?” Mr. Photography dude asks.

Ah. Then I remember. I hug her and say thanks. All of this tension around campus made me forget about my own success. Lots of people were telling me stories over the weekend of how I got the news. Some were in airports, work, school, abroad- all over the world and my good news got to all of them. It was uplifting ❤

After she leaves, Sidekick comes out of the middle of nowhere. I don’t get how he keeps doing this. “I heard a rumor about you” he says.

I take off my sunglasses. “What?” I ask.

“Is it true you’re not staying until August? You’re taking off right after graduation?” he asks.

I look at Mr. Photography dude. Lately, things have been very tough. I got a wonderful internship to work for the Governor, but my thyroid has been a disaster. I wake up in the middle of the night with body aches every other night. My dad says I should come home and take a break, that I’ve worked hard and the best thing to do before going into something serious like grad school…is taking a break. Even though I really want to take this internship.

“It’s not a rumor, it’s the truth” I say sadly.

His jaw drops. “So you’re leaving us in two weeks? You’re leaving the place you called home for twelve year in two weeks??” he asks.

I nod “Most likely, yea”.

His jaw drops, “do something” he tells Mr. Photography dude.

“I will” he says. Sidekick goes to get food.

“As much as I’ll fucking miss you. I agree with your dad. Go home. I don’t want to see you sick” Mr. Photography dude says.

I look away. This is hard. I have battled my thyroid disorder for nearly three years. I have toughened it out. I have managed to look fabulous through it all. It always gets to be the worst when I have big things going on.

Such as graduation. And leaving Chicago for good. I could have stayed until August.

Do I stay or do I go.

xoxo. S.


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