Maybe I Am Special (Decided)

On Wednesday, after I cried my eyes out for the third time in a row this week, I walked downstairs to get a snack from the vending machine. I couldn’t tell if I was upset about school. My club. My friends. Making a decision about where I want to go to school. My family. My therapist. Or what my roommate asked about me and “Prince Player”.

Since I was already downstairs, I decided to check the mail. What came in the mail…changed everything. My official acceptance packet to BU ❤

After the initial happiness, I go to bed. I have dreams of me telling everyone and sitting in a BU class. When I wake up around 7 on Thursday morning, I have this weird intuition. That I WANT to go to BU. I really do. It’s the 10th best school in the country, it is a beautiful campus, I love the program- that’s it, that’s where I have to go.

I text Mr. Photography dude and go back to sleep.

Three hours later, he calls me. “Get up. We’ve got Dunkin!” He informs me that Sidekick and him are on their way. I rub my eyes. “What…it’s like 10 in the morning” I say.

“Yes. And that is a normal time people wake up at. Come on! Today is Shaz day! You decided habibti!!!!”

I laugh and start getting ready. When they arrive, Mr. Photography dude places the lattes down. “Alf mabrook, you deserve to go there” he says hugging me. Sidekick too.

“Okay so after this, you go on off to you’re class, and then we’re going out!” he says handing me tickets to something.

“What’s this?” I ask reading it.

“It’s a wine tasting class! I got free VIP tickets because I did a photo shoot for the guy teaching it. Actually, the guy knows you too!”

My eyes get wide. “Who?” I ask.

“Will! He gave me a free ticket, then I asked if my friend can come. And he said no. But then I randomly said your name- and he said, “Oh my god Shahz! No way! YES OF COURSE! I know her!”

I raise my eyebrow. I have no clue who he’s talking about. But hey, a $50 wine tasting class for free? I’ll take it.

So after they leave…and before I have to get going to class…I call my mom. I take a deep breath.

index“Mom. Do you remember that day I failed that Science test? In 8th grade? And the teacher returned it with the comment “Scientist?” on i, mocking me…claiming I can’t be a Scientist?” I ask.

Habibti…I forgot all about that. You never told me why he wrote that. How dare he! You are brilliant!”

“Exactly. He was wrong, Mom. And I have decided…that I’m going to BU. And I’m going become the best damn Scientist anyone has ever heard of”.

My mom begins crying and calls my dad. “She’s going to BU!!!! Our baby’s going to Boston!!! She decided!!!!” she yells, cries, laughs- I can’t even comprehend what she’s doing. “Well. No surprise there” my dad says with as smile in his voice.I laugh.

After class, Mr. Photography dude and Sidekick come back. It is time to make things Facebook official.

Mr. Photography dude takes a picture of me holding my acceptance packet.

“What should I write as the caption you guys?” I ask.

They look at each other. “Honestly. I think you should write that story about what your Science teacher said!” Sidekick says.

I shake my head. “Oh my god guys no. That is so personal” I say.

“Well maybe it’s time you get personal. People don’t see that side of you often…” Sidekick says. Mr. Photography dude nods.

So I do. I post the photo Mr. Photography dude took with a story of the Science teacher who claimed I couldn’t be a scientist and how I am now going to get pursue my MPH at BU.

And we leave for the wine tasting.

“Damn Shahz! Your post is already blowing up with likes!” Mr. Photography dude says.

I shake my head. “Shut up. I know people that get more” I say.

“Hey what have I told you about comparing yourself?” Mr. Photogaphy dude asks.

I laugh. When we get to the wine tasting class, I see a familiar face. I look closer. He hugs me. “SHAZ!!!!!” he says.

Oh. my. god. Will! It’s Will from my middle school science class!!!!!!!

“What are you doing here? Ya genius I thought you graduated early and were going to business school or something” I say hugging him back.

“I do” he says. “At Chicago Booth…” Well damn, Will did good. That is one of the best Business schools in the country. He looks at Mr. Photography dude and Sidekick. “This was the sweetest girl at our school. I always wondered what happened to her” he says.“She was something special”.

“She still is! Did you hear her big news?” Mr. Photography dude says.

“Of course! How could I not! Our whole school is talking about it!!!!” he pulls out his phone. “Look at all the people from (insert my former Middle school’s name) who liked it!” he says.

I smile. My eyes well up. Holy cow. Will begins pouring us glasses of wine. “Seriously. I always knew this girl would go places. Everyone knew her as beauty and brains. Can’t believe it. Shaz. Leaving us for Boston” Will says shaking his head.

I hang onto Will. “Stop. Look who’s talking. Mr. Chicago Booth! What are you doing teaching wine classes anyway?” I ask.

“Hey I gotta pay my tuition somehow don’t I?” Will says.

We laugh and raise our glasses. “To Shaz” Will says. I smile. “To all of you, for having my back in times of doubt” I say back.

We clink our glasses and sit through the class. In between, my Facebook is blowing up with likes, comments, and private messages.

I’m surprised to see one particular like. Not even a like but a “love”.

“Holy crap Will! Come here!” I say during a break.

He comes to me. I show him my phone. “Remember this guy? Bobby?” I ask.

“Yea. Popular guy. Busted for smoking pot Sophomore year. Why?” he asks.

I smile. “He was my Chemistry lab partner….” I say.

Will’s jaw drops. “Oh my god!!! The one who called you pretty and you were so flattered because he was popular and what not. Yea he always flirted with you. I think he liked you because he was a bad boy and you were a sweet girl” he says.

I smile and nod. Bobby, my Chem lab partner from high school, who I crushed on all semester during that class “loved” my news ❤ I would always tell Bobby about my passion for science and teaching. I’ve had no form of communication with  him for 6 years. Until now. Bobby hasn’t forgotten me! My favorite lab partner still remembers me ❤ I felt so special.

I wonder why my inbox is blowing up so much. I open it. Some people say congratulations. Some people ask my to make my post public so they can share :0 I roll my eyes at Mr. Photography dude. He looks at my phone. “Just tell them no. That this is personal. You’re flattered they want to share it but it’s personal” he says.

I’m excited to see my old friends have messaged me. Including big friends I lost touch with like Steven and Evan. When Steven and I begin talking, he says, “I always knew you would do big things. You are very special Shahz”.

It all made me smile ❤ As we were leaving, Will gives us a wine bottle to take home- as a congratulations present. It is so sweet.tumblr_n4pzcmDgNu1tpvwyho1_500.gif

When I get home. I feel so complete. I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life.

And then. I remember all the people I have to start saying goodbye to. Crap.

xoxo. S.

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