Hard Choices

I’m really starting to dislike Mondays and Tuesdays. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I get irritated. Because I get news. News that tops other good news. News that makes my choice poll bigger.

Yesterday, I found out, I got accepted into the teaching organization- to teach elementary school science, in Miami!!! But then, at the same time, I found out I got a SCHOLARSHIP to BU!

2 dreams came true. I can only pursue one.

13092001_807095096092995_5077486765736947447_nOh my lord. I haven’t even gone up to see the other schools I got into yet. Everything is happening so fast. I’m heading out to Colorado and Texas late tomorrow night for my mini-grad school tour. If I had known about Boston when I booked those tickets, I would have headed up there too.

My parents are still on the Texas A and M front.

Right now, I’m starting to panic if grad school is for me. Getting an MPH is no easy matter. Especially if I go somewhere like BU.

But I slowly realize, I must get my MPH. It is hard to find a job in healthcare/academia with only a BS these days.

I stopped talking to Harris. Clearly, he didn’t mean it when he said he liked me and he could help show me how my play ends- because he hasn’t said a word to me since. I’m also upset with him for leaving me alone to be President and VP all at once. I think he has an ulterior motive, like he’s trying to get back at “Heart” or something. Or he’s trying to distance me from “Heart”. He has something up his sleeve- and I’ve got no time for any more games!

Hard choices.

xoxo. S.


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