Some Days I Have Very Bad Days, Some Days I Have Very Good Days

Some days I have very good days, some days I have very bad days. Some days I realize the situation with me and player is good, some days I don’t. Some days I enjoy being a mini politician, some days I don’t.

On Thursday, I didn’t think about any of the “some days I don’t”. Because. Thursday. Was an unreal day. Thursday as I was moping about my horrible Monday and Tuesday, and getting over my “normal” Wednesday, and preparing for a busy Thursday of meetings after class- I got an email.

I almost fainted. Boston University accepted me!!!!!!! The 10th best MPH school in the country!!!! Before I have a panic attack from good news, I call my parents and text Mr. Photography dude.

My parents were so happy, but we we were all disappointed by the fact that it costs 5 times as much as all the other school I got into 😦

“Look Shahz. If I were you, I would go for it. Think of it as an investment. I will help you. You get a job, and I will help you with the rest if this is where you want to go. Don’t let money be a factor in your decision” my dad said.

I shake my head. I can’t believe it. I can’t even believe my dad would help me. It’s expensive, and extremely far (5 hours of a flight) from him!

My mom was not as supportive. “You can go to a school here in Texas for 1/5th that price. If you go to Boston, you will need to get a job and start paying your undergrad loans immediately on top of your tuition”.

Lovely. I hang up the phone. “CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m not surprised at all to be honest you-had-the-power-all-along-my-dear-quote-1<3″ Mr. Photography dude has responded to the news.

“You know what this means right?” he asks as soon as I call him.

“What?” I ask him laughing.

“You can leave ‘Prince Player’ and all them behind!!!!”

I laugh. “What are you talking about?” I ask.

“A few months ago! Remember what you said? I said the chances of ‘Prince Player’ being with some other girl has the same chances of  you getting into an Ivy league! And you said, ‘Hey. If I get into an Ivy league and he’s with someone else…. I’m leaving!” he says.

I almost start crying from laughing to hard. I can’t believe I ever said that. “But Boston is not an-” I start saying.

“Don’t even Shahz. It is so damn close to being an ivy and you know it! Hey, you could go up to Harvard and MIT since they’re so close and find your husband there!” he says.

I laugh even more. I tell him the news about the price.

“Holy…shit. Well. That’s the price you have to pay for an excellent education right? Maybe it could be an investment” he says.

I sigh. “If I go there. I will have to be a research assistant, a waitress, and hell even a STRIPPER!” I say.

“That’s okay some girls do that to pay for their tuition” he says.

I’m on my rug from laughing to hard.

Oh boy. I really don’t know what to do. I can’t believe it. I am so proud of myself, so excited about this, but…I have no idea how I could ever fund it 😦

The next day I have a dream that player wrote me a letter saying “CALL ME”. And then, in that dream, I got so busy- I never did. Is this some weird freaky sign telling me something or what.

On Saturday, I get the news that it is time to pass my Presidency to someone else as I am graduating soon. Holy. Moly. Where has the time gone?? I grab my phone to tell Harris, but then I remember the dilemma. That was also part of my irritation last week. WHY IS HARRIS NOT BEING UPFRONT WITH ME ABOUT LOVE AND POLITICS. Also, some people don’t like the fact that he is n798f28173ca032e972deee70bf752042ot President anymore- because I am a woman. And he is a man. Are they nuts. I can do anything Harris can do, perhaps better.

Some days I have very bad days, some days I have very good days.

xoxo. S.

17 thoughts on “Some Days I Have Very Bad Days, Some Days I Have Very Good Days

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been brainstorming ways for you to raise money for school, wanna hear them? Great. 1) Win the lottery. 2) Win the lottery twice. 3) Marry into a royal family within the next 4 months. 4) Waitress at a high end place…I’m talking really high end…like the chair legs are sparkling, that’s how high end this place is. 5) Kickstarter. 6) Open a lemonade stand.

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