Why I Began Blogging

When I was 14, I had just gotten the only short story I’ve ever written published. It was published in my school’s literary magazine and a few other places. I was so proud of myself.

One day, when my parents were having a party, all the guests crowded around me- they all read my story and were amused.

“Shahz! Look at you! You are a budding writer!” one women came up to me and told me. She gave me a big hug and gave me a genuine smile.

My dad turned around immediately. “Don’t encourage her” he said with a smirk.

I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces.

Everybody at the party stopped talking.

The women looked shocked. She stood up and glared at him. “No you should encourage her! I don’t know any teens that can write like that! Hell- I’m trying to teach my kids early on how to write like your daughter does!”

I saw my dad freeze like ice. No woman has ever talked back to him.

This huge smile crept across my face. At that moment, many moms jumped in and started talking about how my story inspired their teenagers and themselves.

My dad simply walked away and went back to the conversation he was in with the dads at the party.

This short story and my other writings became a huge hit that I started working on a novel. Along the way, I kept winning many contests and scholarships. I always kept it a secret from my dad. Years later, when I was with my roommates my third year of college, I was talking about how I was taking a Screenwriting class and how excited I was about it.

“Really? You don’t strike me as the writing type” my roommate said.

My jaw dropped. What the hell was that supposed to mean? What does ‘the writing type’ look like? Anyone can write!

So I politely explained to her and my other roommate that I definitely am a writer and won many scholarships for it. They. Simply. Laughed. In. My. Face.

It’s because of people like them and my dad that I lost confidence in my novel and never ended up finishing it. People still ask me where it is…

This blog, is that novel that never ever got published.

I write this blog for the other “Shazs” in the world. Sure I could keep my thoughts in a diary as many people told me to do when they found about this blog, but what would that do for the world?

I want to remind all of the Shazs in this world, that it’s okay if some days, the only thing you did was watch Netflix and ate food. I want to remind all the Shazs in the world, that it is totally fine to still like someone who hurt you (but know that you deserve the best and trust that it will eventually find its way to you). I want to remind the Shazs in this world, that someone you love can call you something you hate- and you must, you must, have the power to walk away (or forgive if they are your family). I want to remind all the Shazs in the world that when someone tells you something you don’t like, simply say or think to yourself “Yes. Thank you for your opinion. That was lovely. Goodbye”. I want to remind the Shazs in the world, that your day to shine will come- and there will be A LOT of those days.

I can’t explain the number of emails/comments I have received from readers thanking me for making them laugh or putting a smile on their face. This would not happen if I kept my thoughts in a diary to myself.

Sometimes, in my worst of days, I read my own posts and laugh through it. I smile at how much I have matured. I cry over how much I have had to endure. And I laugh at all the things I have gone crazy about :0

My mom always says, that for someone who is only 22, I have had to face the most toughest challenges in life. That I had to become an adult faster than most.

I tell her that’s funny because some people think I’m childish. She says it’s because they don’t know anything.

Well then.

Now. you. know.

xoxo. S.

9 thoughts on “Why I Began Blogging

  1. Loved this. Isn’t it great proving doubters wrong? Or people who think you “aren’t that type of person”. So well said. I’m glad you blog and I’m glad our paths have crossed.

  2. I really struggle respecting people that do not engage outrage others. You have an obvious talent and I am grateful to be able to read what you write.

    Maybe you should publish a novel…

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