I Wish It Was A Fairytale

So the ball was a success.

“Heart” didn’t show up, most people didn’t bring dates, and a lot of boys had kissed me by the end on the night. Clarification: Kiss on the cheek. Very common in my culture.

First it was Mr. Photography dude. I had decided on a silver gown. After trying on so many gowns, I decided I wanted a simple, angelic gown. I didn’t want something too dramatic because I knew most girls (including my own board) would be wearing normal short dresses. But at the same time, I am the President and organized this event- so I wanted to look pretty damn special! So on Friday, I spent about 4 hours getting ready. And I was on my way.

Everyone is setting up when I walk in. And nearly all of them do a double take. Mr. 7d964edd7c0c38293d89259a7e02371ePhotography dude is hanging up a poster when he notices me.

“Holy shit. You look like a Grecian goddess” he says kissing me on the cheek (Kiss #1).

I laugh. I start setting things up too and lots of people start piling in.

“Heyyyy. You look like a Princess!” my friend Sahd says kissing me on the cheek (Kiss #2). I laugh modestly again.

Then Sidekick walks in. “Between you and me, if that whole ‘Player’ thing doesn’t work out- we can totally find you someone else tonight” he says kissing my cheek (Kiss #3). I laugh and smack him.

As the crowd picks up and more fine dressed gentlemenย  I have met briefly before start piling in, I get more kisses.

Amr. Known him for a solid two years. Kisses me on one cheek, kisses me on the other (Kiss #4). Says I look hot.

Amar. Met him like once and practically demands my attention all night. Kisses me on one cheek (Kiss #5). Says I look like a queen.

Some random guy from my club. Known him for a year. Kisses me one cheek (Kiss #6). Simply says I look nice. Very respectful fella.

After dancing the night away, and reaching my 10th kiss, it is time for dinner. I sit down with my executive board, a celebrity (yes we had a famous person at my ball!!!) and some of my friends.

Amr decides to get into the topic of what he would like in a girl. I look at Mr. Photography dude and Sidekick.

“I want her to be a good bad girl. Like. She is good on the outside right. But wild on the inside!” he says.

Mr. Photography dude looks at me. I pinch him.

“I want her to be short. My ex was a shortie. I like shorties” he continues.

Mr. Photography dude looks at me again. I shake my head at him.

“I want her to be caring, but also, tough.”

Mr. Photography dude looks at me. My jaw drops at him.

Amr continues with his little list that sounds exactly like me and finishes it. “So guys. Do you know anybody that fits my list?”

Mr. Photography dude and Sidekick are about to die from laughter. Ugh these two. I look at Amr and sigh. “Oh I wish I did” I say shrugging my shoulders and smiling.

“So what do you want in a guy, Shaz?” Amr asks.

I stop eating falafel. That was unexpected. I look at Mr. Photography dude and Sidekick.

I shrug. “Not much. I’m pretty simple….” I begin.

“Oh. Come on, let’s hear a few” he says.

I begin cutting my chicken. “Okay fine. Number 1. Loyalty is key with me. They break it, we’ll have issues. I’m not into sharing”

He nods his head, “I agree that’s very important”.

“Number 2. I can wear what I want, and belly dance where I want. If he restricts my clothing or my ability to express my talent- I’ll be upset”

He laughs. “Wallah. We’re not in Saudi you know!” he says joking.

“Oh yea? Well my last ex had a huge problem with both of these. He’d tell me to cover up and that he was uncomfortable with me belly dancing in public” I say.

“He was an Arab wasn’t he?” Amr asks laughing.

I nod and smile big. I think about my next one.

“Number 3. I’m not into that Netflix and chill shit. I prefer dates and going out. I like food. I’ll pay if I have to. I will give everything I have to a guy- if he just gives me the respect and loyalty I deserve” I say.

They all stare at me. I shrug. Amr nods, “I like that. I’m the same way”.

Mr. Photography dude says he wants to go get hookah. This is code for us to bounce and talk about this hilarious convo that just happened at the table.

As we smoke behind the crowd, we hear two guys in the hallway.

“Can you believe what the President was saying? About her boyfriend not letting her dance in public?”

My eyes widen and I look at Mr. Photography dude. We put the hookah down.

I listen closely. “Yea what the fuck is up with that. I actually like her dancing in public….it’s hot. Oh and that dress she was wearing. She fills it up really nicely if you know what I mean” They laugh out loud.

My jaw drops and I’m about to burst out laughing. Mr. Photography dude covers up my mouth.

After a whole minute of these boys gossiping about god knows what about me, they leave and I can’t control myself.

“What…was…that?” I ask Mr. Photography dude.

He shakes his head and blows smoke. “I told you. Lots of people are interested in you. But you won’t give them a chance” he says.

“Ugh fuck them. They said nothing about my heart. I deserve better than that” I tell him.

“Yea. That’s true” he says passing me the hookah.

When I get home, I am so proud of myself for surviving my hell week. I had a day long interview, day long GRE, clash with “Prince Player”, clash with “Harris” and spent many days prepping for the event- and I survived!

“Z” calls me. She had meant to come to the event, but recently graduated and had just gotten back from her Spring Break trip to London.


“Damn. I wish it was” I say.

I explain to her all about my week. I tell her what happened with me and “Prince Player”.

“Wallah. He told me I was a joke, and I was just a booty call to him freshmen year. And he never thought much of it. And asked if we can just laugh about it now” I say taking off my dress after this long day and week.

I can almost hear “Z” jaw drop. “He what? What the fuck did he say?”

“Yea. And while we were hanging out he said ‘I just got this text from a girl in my class I like, that’s what triggered this conversation'” I tell her.

“What? He said this…as you guys were hanging out?!?” she asks.

I fold my dress. “Yea. Wallah I’m not joking. I couldn’t believe it either.”

“Uh huh okay…Shaz….” she begins.

“Yea?” I ask.

“What the fuck are you doing still thinking about him and giving him even one ounce of your time??? Why would you even propose the idea of hanging out with him???” she asks.

I laugh. “I don’t know! He was talking to me and he personally congratulated me on my Master’ thing and I just thought why not…” I say.

“Uh huh okay. And so what? You’re gonna hook up with every guy that congratulates you?? He can congratulate you all he wants! But until he shows you loyalty, you can’t do what you’re doing with him!” she says.

I laugh at her bluntness. And then I get serious. “Honey. He ain’t ever gonna give me loyalty. That’s not important to him as it is to me” I say.

We talk some more and I tell her about the whole “Heart” situation. About him being interested in another Muslim girl- when he clearly broke up with me for that simple fact.

“Okay wow. Now he. Is an even bigger asshole! Why do you like assholes Shaz???” she asks.

I laugh. “Because they remind me I’m 10x smarter than them. Guess who I ended up dancing with the whole night?” I ask her.

“Who” she asks curiously.

“The girl that likes him. She’s a sweet girl and I’m not gonna hate her because of him. He’s the problem here, not her” I say.FullSizeRender(34)

“See. Now that’s my best friend. I’m very proud of you” she says.

Once upon a time…there was a sweet Princess that didn’t want to be a Princess anymore because some guy took that away from her. Yet, she is still a Princess because she glows even in the darkest of nights and doesn’t let anyone stop her.

I changed my profile picture to me at my ball and captioned it “Once upon a time…”, this is what “Z” messaged me ๐Ÿ™‚

xoxo. S.


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