Cheetos and Chocolate

What a very sexy title.

It has been a terrible week here in Chicago. It is April, and oh so cold and snowy. I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one having a bad week, in all my classes I keep hearing “I’m having a horrible week” from my Professors and classmates.

It all started Tuesday. Actually, it all started Saturday when “Prince Player” said what he creep-lyrics-3said. But I won’t say what I need to say about that because it’s not worth it.

Tuesday, I bumped into Mariam after class when Mr. Photography dude and I were getting dinner.

“Oh my god! Do you have a date to the ball?” she asks.

“No…do you?” I ask.

“Well yea! Why don’t you have a date? What happened to Harris?” she asks.

What the hell. Why does everyone want this to happen. “Nothing…you know I created this event…and I did not intend this to be a “date” kind of thing. I also went to this event for three years and it was never a “date” kind of thing. I actually met guys (cough cough ‘Heart’) during this event 2 years ago. Why did this change? Because as President I decided to call it a ball?”

She looks taken back. “Sorry if it sounded like I was pressuring you. It’s just yea I hear people are asking people. Like the girl who’s coming to get ready with us, she is asking this guy in our club. And I was like, ‘yea go for it'” she pauses.

“Oh fuck. She’s asking your ex. I’m so sorry. Oh my god” she says.

My jaw drops. “Heart”? I ask.

“Yea. Look it’s nothing serious, she just has like a little crush on him! And she wants to ask him!”

I look at Mr. Photography dude. “Oh shit” he says under his breath.

“What the fuck?” I ask Mariam.

Her jaw drops. “I thought you were over him!!!! Why are you upset Shahz?” she asks.

“Well just imagine this. Your ex, who isn’t really your ex because he hasn’t broken up with you- is about to be asked to be another girl’s date at YOUR OWN BALL! And she’s coming over to your place to borrow your make up and stuff to get ready!” I say getting ready to cry.

“Oh my god. I’m the worst. I really didn’t think about this. You want me to tell her?”

I look at Mr. Photography dude. He looks sad for me. “No of course not. She likes the guy. The way I used to like him. I ain’t gonna take that away from her”.

She keeps telling me sorry and if there is anything she can do and I just can’t hear anything. When she leaves, I look at Mr. Photography dude.

“Don’t do it….” he says.

“Wallah. This isn’t about Mariam. This is about ‘Heart’. He left me because he didn’t want to pursue a Muslim woman, now look what he’s going after- another Muslim woman! He is a lying, selfish, asshole” I say. “If I asked him to the ball, he’d say no in a heartbeat saying he wouldn’t wan people to get the wrong idea. And he doesn’t care about that with her? Un-fucking-believable” I say.

Mr. Photography dude tries to comfort me. God. Being President is so difficult. How are these tough women owning politics??

I had bought a nice sandwich to go, but I lost my appetite thinking about everything that happened this week (plus what’s going to happen this week) and ended up eating Cheetos and chocolate.

Yesterday, as I had yet another long day planning for the event and lots of homework- I had Cheetos and chocolate for lunch. I went to bed at 3 and had to be up at 5 for an interview. I wish I was joking but I seriously had an interview at 7 eastern time and forgot that means 6am Chicago time.

Every day this week- I had crazy nightmares. Really, I don’t know what’s happening. Maybe I’m just nervous about the event.

I want to go home and nap as I’m finally done with my 12 hour day with only 2 hours of sleep, but I have so many last minute things to prep for the big event tomorrow. Over 300 people will be coming, and I still haven’t finalized my gown, speech, or how I will handle people pressuring me to have a “date”.

I am the President and ain’t nobody going to tell me what I should do.- Mr. Photography dude’s advice on how I should handle the drama regarding the event (mimicking how I have handled issues before ❤ ).

Hell week.

xoxo. S.


8 thoughts on “Cheetos and Chocolate

    • 1) Lol it was an amazing turkey sandwhich😔
      2) You know, now that I think about it, I prefer the puffy ones but that night I had the baked crunchy ones!! And I kind of liked them because they were healthier and I didn’t feel guilty lololol 🙂

      • Turkey sandwiches are good buy the cheetos and chocolate combo is better lol. Also, welcome to Team Puffy! My roommate and I once spent a whole afternoon texting people to see if they liked puffy cheetos or crunchy ones. (I’m just ignoring the fact you said you liked the crunchy ones and only reading up to the part where you said you prefer the puffy ones).

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