The Most Strangest Day in Love (N0)

On Tuesday, my second last first day of undergrad (does that even make sense???) I continued moping about how school is almost ever for me.

When I walked into my third class of the week, the professor (who I had a long time ago) remembered me and said, “You’re in my class this quarter??? What??” and introduced me to everyone saying very sweet things about me! Of course this made me all sentimental as I realized this won’t ever happen again as I’m graduating:(

A few hours later, I decided to get food at the new Arabic restaurant next to me. And I kid you not, the cashier looked exactly like “Heart”. WHAT WAS “HEART” DOING THERE??? This dude, that looked exactly like “Heart” kept smiling at me and giving me free samples. After watching him closely and purposely making an excuse to talk to him, I realized it was not “Heart” but rather his doppelganger. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? They sound the same and look the same! I swear to god it is “Heart” in disguise.

I shake it off and when I get home, I send Snapchats about random things. I send a few to “Prince Player” but he doesn’t respond. But…Harris responds really late… He asks me questions about club related stuff and all of a sudden, he has a personal question for me.

“You remember when you helped me with my final last year? And you were working on that screenplay?” he asks.

Oh. That screenplay where I wrote a story about a girl and guy that love each other but can’t be together because of their differences- but look past it and get married. And then I had to change that because Harris admitted that “Heart” was cheating on me. Oh I remember all right. Even my classmates and Professor had suggested a different ending to begin with- like the girl getting with the guy’s best friend. (I swear).

“Yea” I say wondering why he is bringing it up now.

“How did it end? You never told me.”

Oh shit. I gasp. “I can’t tell you” I say.

After pressing me for a long time, I simply respond, “Well. Upon the recommendation of my Professor and classmates, the girl realized she deserved better and ended up getting with someone really close to the guy”.

And that Harris immediately responds. “Was that what your Professor and classmates wanted…or what you wanted?”

Oh god. He can’t be serious.

“Harris. Stop. This is a screenplay I wrote. Purely fictional” I say.

“Okay whatever then. Your loss” he says.

My jaw drops. Now I’m curious. Harris can’t possibly like me. He’s 10x better than me.“How did you want the screenplay to end?”

I see Harris open the chat immediately. But he doesn’t respond for a while. “Well, I can’t tell you how I wanted your screenplay to end. But I can help show you ;)”

I nearly drop my phone.

When he sees I opened it but can’t respond, he responds. “Khalas, good night”.

Khalas (enough) is right.

Is he for real. Does he not realize he’s my VP? And the best friend of my ex who was the only person I ever loved?

Mr. Photography dude and Sidekick are waiting to hear this fabulous story when we meet for breakfast in the morning.

“Alhamduillah. He likes her. Finally a nice man. Likes our Shaz. I approve, he is perfect for her. They look perfect together. And he is a mysterious Scorpio and she is a wild Sagittarius. They are perfect really” Mr. Photography dude says to Sidekick.

My jaw drops. “NO! NO! NO! This is the year for me and my player! The other Scorpio!” I say tossing my hair.

“He’ll never be loyal to you the way Harris is.”

….true. I look at Sidekick, he seems to be dissapointed too. He’s on the “Prince Player” front.

“But player makes me happier” I say eating my yogurt.

“Oh really?” He pulls his camera out. “That’s not what these pictures show….”

I grab his camera. Holy. Moly. There are a lot of photos. Of Harris and me. At our last event. We look happy. I look extremely happy…

“Where did you get these?” I say ready to delete them.

“I’m your photographer. I took them remember?” he says laughing.

“Well. Harris isn’t my type” I say.

He rolls his eyes. “Will anyone ever be your type? “Heart” wasn’t your type at first! And you loved him more than anyone!”

“Hey, Prince Player was my type. I knew it when I met him” I say bubbily.

“Oh and look how that turned out…” Mr. Photography dude says laughing. Sidekick too.1909926_751494631653042_4091702045320899514_n

I stare them down and pack up my stuff. “That turned out just fine”.

“Wait. Stop. No. I just. I don’t want to see you get hurt again…especially before you graduate!” Mr. Photography dude says.

I smile. “I know. I have to get to class”.

“Have you picked out your dress for the ball yet?” Sidekick asks changing the subject.

“Crap. No I haven’t got time. Maybe I’ll go this weekend” I say. My club’s annual ball is next Friday, this is our biggest event of the year and this year it is actually a really fancy ball at a really fancy place. And I need a ball gown.

“Oh. I can’t wait to see you standing next to Harris. It will be like a fairytale” Mr. Photography dude says.

I turn to him. “NO” I say.

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