How My Last Winter Quarter Ended (In Love, Frienship, and Everything in Between)

Ah the most exciting part. Love and friends. Winter quarter is THE WORST quarter for me every single year. But damn, my lovers and friends sure know how to keep me sane 🙂

(well, my friends do at least)

I wasn’t expecting to see “Heart” at all before leaving for Spring Break. Last year around this time, I was praying so hard that I would- but this year, not at all. But “Prince Player” was up in the air. Sure, this quarter was rough on us and our last interaction may have been a fluke. But…there was something about it…that I liked. There was clearly some unfinished business because we did talk a few times since then.

As I finish up one of my last projects, I was randomly sending innocent Snapchats to my friends and him when he responded to a particular one.

“hot” he said.

I raise my eyebrows. Well then. I tell him I’ll be leaving for break the next day and we agree to meet up later that night.

A few hours later, he’s at my doorstep.

After our initial small talk- he goes for it. “Your Snapchats are so teasing!!!!” he says. I laugh. I just can’t believe it. The Snapchat he is referring to is the one of me about to cry over my Microbio final. Well then, I should cry more often.

“I feel like your Snapchats are posted for me” he says. I laugh even more and tell him that I am becoming quite the Snapchat star and many people find my life hysterical.

I tell him about the Microbio final and how I’m absolutely positive it didn’t go so well and I’m probably going to have to take it a third time.

“It’s okay” he says laughing.

I smile. That is always the best two words anyone can tell me in a situation like this. He had been the first person in the past few days who had told me that.

He sits next to me and puts his arms around me. And then he takes them off. “I’m sorry. That wasn’t me making a move. How are you?” he says really fast.

Wow. Why does he think I’m so sensitive :0 And then I remember…last time. I had pulled away when he did that.

“No it’s fine” I say snuggling close to him.

He touches a piece of my hair. “I’m sorry if I said what happened last time was a mistake…it wasn’t” he says smiling.

Wait what? Thank. God. For once he feels the same way. About time we agree on something. I finally smile and breathe a sigh of relief.

“I was so sad when you said that. Because…there was something special about that night…” I look up at him. “…I liked it” I finish.

“Yea. We should do it again sometime” he says smiling and pulling me closer.

Now I’m really happy. And then confused. Didn’t player say “let’s try not to let it happen again” last time?? Oy ve.

I shake it off. He’s here and he’s admitting he liked it to. So we should enjoy the momFullSizeRender(25)ent ❤

“You just didn’t seem to be enjoying it…” he says about last time.

“Uh yea. Cuz you were saying mean things and being such a douchebag!” I say poking him.

“Yea…” he says laughing. “I had some wine! I should have brought it!” he says.

“Yea that would have been nice” I say laying next to him. “Actually…no” I add. On account of we both had wine last time and that’s why certain things happened…

Anyways, as the night goes on player is being oh so loving and snuggly. I pull back a little.

“What? You used to love this” he says.

“I still do…” I say.

But as he snuggles me more. I pull away again. “Wow, you have changed” he says.

“Look. I used to love this before. Before-” I begin. Before I found out I’m only one of his many girls and I got self conscious. I swallow. “Never mind” I say smiling. Someone is blowing up my phone with texts, but I ignore it.

Soon player has to get going. “Noooo” I say.

“Don’t worry we’ll see each other next week” he says.

“I won’t be here next week” I say.

“The week after that” he says smiling. We give each other our last hugs and I am so bubbly as I walk him out, I realize I’m not wearing any shoes. God this is such a Bridget Jones moment.

When I walk back to my place still bubbly, I hear two familiar voices. My smile fades. Shit. “Mr. Photography dude” and “Sidekick”!

I turn the other way. “Shahz!” Damn it’s too late.

“Oh hey guys…what are you doing here?” I ask pretending to be surprised and walking back to my place.

“We had a study group for our final. Why are you walking around barefoot?” Sidekick asks.

“Oh. I’m barefoot? Oh…I was just doing laundry- hey why didn’t you guys tell me you were stopping by?? We could have hung out!” I say.

“We texted you like 5 times habibti” Mr. Photography dude says.

Oh :0 So that’s who was blowing up my phone…

I roll my eyes and open my door. “Well come in, come in! I’ll make you guys tea and biscuits” I say (yes still very bubbly).

Sidekick goes to use the restroom. “Did you make player tea and biscuits?” Mr. Photography dude asks laughing.

12718371_781067262029112_4633980322053446961_nMy jaw drops. “There’s lipstick all over your face you little devil” he says laughing. Of course… I wipe it off.

“I heard ‘Heart’ said some stuff about you today….”

I almost spill hot tea all over my hands.


(to be continued)

xoxo. S.


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